What level of math is good enough to do well in the dental hygiene program?

I am currently in 11th grade and taking Algebra 2 with an A in that class, I am thinking of taking Pre-Cal during the summer so I can do Calculus for my senior year if it helps me get into that program or do well. Do you think Calculus is an important necessity for the dental hygiene program or will Pre-Cal be good enough?

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    1 decade ago
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    You really do not need math for dental hygiene. Dental hygiene is a science based profession so you will need to do well in science. However, if you plan on attending school to be an actual DDS then you will need several math classes. They do endo (root canals) and are required to know how to calculate certain measurements. Math is NOT my best subject and I have made it through hygiene just fine but you do have to know your science. Most colleges only require that you take a beginners math class for your BS degree and that is it. I only had to take like algebra 131 (or whatever the course number for the beginning math class) I hope you know that you have chosen a good career! Hygiene is VERY financially rewarding. I am in my last semester of my hygiene program (after the Christmas break) and I cant wait.

    Good luck and "good cleaning"..:-)

    Source(s): I am a hygiene student (last semester)
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