Your stories of the Lebanon war (2006) politics?


Well I live in New York. And that year it was my sister and I who were going to Lebanon. We had looked everywhere for tickets, they were literally all sold out, at first we found one for the 23 of june (2006), but there was a problem with that one, and then we found two other tickets and more problems with those tickets, and then FINALLY we found tickets for the 11th of July, 2006. We (my sister and I) were soo happy to aboard the airplane. My dad wouldn't have let us go to Lebanon if he knew there had been any clashes, but the truth was the clashes didn't start until we were in the airplane for a couple of hours. In the airplane, there was actually a 40 minute delay because of the traffic (via swiss). There was actaully a possibility that we would have had to stay in a hotel in Geneva because of the delay. But finally we flew and got to lebanon in time on the 11 of July, 5pm. My family greeted me and told me that my uncle had been in the south, and he had heard gun shots, she told me about the gunfire, and about the hostages. It seriusly felt soo good to be home (ya watani bhebak). Anyways I fell asleep pretty late (because I was still accustomed to the U.S time. But I fell asleep with my psp headphones off, and then 5 ocklock in the morning my whole family heard gunshots, except I. So my cousin comes up to me, (AT 5AM).....wake up wake up, didn't you hear. I was too lazy/sleepy, but finally I woke up (I jumped up) when I heard an Israeli bomb about 6 blocks away, literally. We turned on the tv and saw that they had bombed the bridge to the airport.So my cousin and I walk to the baranda (balcony) to see what up, and then another bomb came down, I felt the air coming from it and the vibration. I ran away and hit myself tripping on the floor (lol). Anyways, on the coarse of the day, it was normal, my dad called, and everything, talked to my mom, it was alright. Then in the night, omg, the warships had besieged lebanon, every 3-5 minutes you would hear a bomb. It was soo scarry (but exciting at the same time). I thought our house would be next, we but beds in the middle of the house in the hallway so that no bullets could get at us, but nobody could sleep, my sister was crying, i felt bad for her because it was only her second time comming to Lobnan (it was normal for me, because one eventually gets used to it =] ) so anyways, later on, I was eating a lafet za3tar, there was no electricity, so we turned on a tv on batteries and we saw Sayed Hassan (with his speech where he addresses the warship being bombed). Everybody was soo excited, omg, and two seconds later, you just hear gunshots from everywhere SO we went to the hallway as not to get shot.The rest of the day we slept fine (somehow?). The next day my dad ordered us to move at 5 oclock in the morning, i was already awake using my computer hehe, so we finally get ready and about 8 oclock we move (we took our passports, all documents, and a little bit of clothes). We went to the DOHA. It was soo much fun over there, we couldn't feel much of the war, and i met one of my best friends over there who is my cousin and used to live in America. So everyday we had fun, (ps2) and sahrat (staying up late) Damma (turkish checkers), untill the day my dad ordered us (my sister and I ) to go to america VIA the Orient Queen Cruise. I wass sooo sad, my sisters body temperature went up, it was all sooo sad. The next day while we were packing we learned that our American cousins had also decided to leave with us to america, which made our day much better, but it was soo sad..Over all my experience was fun...

A moment of silence for all of the lebanese who died in this war....

Do you guys have any stories?

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    I had only been in Beirut for a week when we heard the bombings start. I was so afraid, I remember if we stood outside the house, we could actually see the smoke from the explosions and they were not far away and could feel the ground trembling below our feet. I was sure that our neighborhood would be next since we were so close. We also had trouble contacting the American Embassy, so we were stuck there for an extra week and a half. However, we were evacuated to Cyprus, then to Germany, and back to America.

    Two images that will never leave my mind are the ones of the children in the hospital. I remember there was a small girl with long black hair and she would always smile at everyone who passed her by, even though she was hurt. The other image was that of another girl. She looked like she was about seventeen or eighteen, and I remember she was wailing because everyone in her family had been killed except for her uncle and brother. I will never forget those 2 things. I always wondered what happened to them afterwards.

    It makes me very sad b/c it was all the wars that eventually forced my family to leave Lebanon. May God have mercy on all the innocent people who died and may we all live in complete peace one day.

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    first off i agree with all of the arab peopple who commented especially the lebanese ones. i am half lebanese myslef, and my dad was a teenager around my age (16) during the civil war in lebanon. he fought the isrealis and many of hies friends and memnbers of my family were killed by these isrealis. so the answer ot your question is no. the isrealis have never won a war any "victory" or "objective" completed by these loads was a victory or objective completed by a foreign power the U.S. helping the isrealis. they would not exist withou outside help. they could not have won the war in 2006 becuase HizBollah a militia of 500 help offf an army of 5000 and did not let them advance more than 3 feet in a course of how long was that war a month. anyway the rocket attacks that violated the geneva convention destroyed homes and things that-get this HizBollah was able to payfor and fix. u figure it out.

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    Yeah i have something similar,

    On july 7th 06 i went on a 2 month vacation to lebanon lol... As most of you have noticed it was so great, tourists everywhere and so forth... i was having a blast...

    the day that all started at 11:00 am my friends and i were sitting in a pool drinking from our second bottle of vodka lol so early in the morning lol. it was fun .. went home and had a nap, then i went to see some friends in Ain el Roumeneh it was around 11:30 pm and then a huge blast and we the ground shook to the extent that we neerly fell to the ground.. it was when they shelled the bridge in dahiya, next to shiyah... then i drove home and my friends went to their homes and stayed with their families...

    i stayed in lebanon for another 39 days, i was between two evils, stay in lebanon , and cant leave and go back to UAE and worry the hell for my family... then i decided to leave when my family assured me that they don't want me to stay, so i organized a cab, and we drove to Syria, then eventually to Jordan. When i got to my hotel in Jordan first thing Ive done when i got to the room is put on the tv and watch the news of lebanon. I was so lucky, just hours i left lebanon, the bridges leading to the north of lebanon where shelled. I figure i was lucky, not like the many unfortunate people who died during that war.

    I stayed couple of days in Jordan with a good friend, then went back to work.. 5 days later it was all over.

    well that was in brief my experience of the 2006 war in lebanon... since then i haven't been in lebanon, not cause i don't want to, but i have been very busy with work and so forth..

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    I was in the south, the day they kidnapped the 2 soldiers I was having one of my best days ever, and waiting tomorrow to have anther great day.

    the next morning I've got a text message saying stay at home and don't go out, after an hour we've got a phone call from my sis who lives abroad, making sure that we all r fine, because my aunts neighbors house was bombed, so she was worried about my aunt.

    then the phone started ringing, and the first few days things were still calm if I can say. Any way I think it was the 5th or 6th day when they bombed a building in sour where we live, so we felt that the building we lives in was falling down, we thought we all gonna die. but It was a building near by about 100 yards away.

    the next day at 6 am we went to the mountains ( I'm telling it in brief, but there are more details), my dad have the British nationality, so we told him to go and leave us alone, where he for sure refused to. My dad has some health problems and can't stand such situations, and I was getting text messages from friends who lives in the south saying goodbye and such things because the villages they live in were all destroyed and they don't know how they still alive. many of them got their friends and neighbors died.( my bf got 17 of his freinds died in this war, he was waiting his turn).

    now going back at 6am we hired a bus and got some family members with us and went to the mountains where it was much more safer, all the road long we were crying and can't stop tears, we thought we were gonna die and the bus we were in there was a flag for Hizboallah on.( so u can imagine why we were afraid).

    when we arrived we stayed with some friends,my dad started crying, he knew nothing about his sis( my aunt) and that building which were bombed was just 5 yards from her house. so we tried to call her, there were no landlines, the mobile is not answering and we know nothing, we called her son in London and my dad was crying over the phone ( she's the only one left from his family and she is older than my dad) anyway her son told us that my aunt and cousins will be evacuated from Lebanon the next day( they all got British nationalities) so my cousin said that we should go 2. My dad refused to go alone, but we didn't want to leave. the next day we said goodbye to my mum's family and we cried as we might die on the road, we went to Beirut and stayed at my cousins house for some days we maned to get our passports in one day as we didn't have them with us, on the 22nd or June 2006 we were evacuated by the British Navy from the port in Beirut and we spent 8 hours to reach Cyprus and then we took a flight to London.

    here we are, we are still here I haven't went back to Lebanon since then, not even for a visit, but I'm sure I will do soon.

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    Well i do, I was there so here is MY story:

    Well it was June, And i was at my friends house in Lebanon, they lived right in front of my grandparents apartment. Then this booming noise just came. At first no one new what it was then we heard it again. My mom came into our neighbors house to tell us that my dad called saying there was a war so i ran to my mom. the sad part was my uncles were in the army so they had to go into war with the rest of my family most of them were in the army. i was so scared. we had to go to my aunts house she lives in spain but she came down to Lebanon for a visit like us. so we went there cause it was safe. then my mom's cousin had to come later he left cause how they were drafting people out then my aunt then us i missed my birthday. My family was all fine......until the day when four of the solders died well one of thoughs solders was my second cousin shahb. But that was just long story short if i were to tell the long story you would might have got lost with all the words

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    When the war started, i was in beirut (so lucky it was in the middle of the week because usually we went to the south in the week-ends). My cousin came to our house early in the morning because she was staying at her grandmother's home in shiyah and it was more dangerous there. So when she came, she woke me up and told me what happened (I didn't hear the bomb at the airport). At first, i was really scared but as the days passed we were used to it :P A family came from the jnoub to stay in our house and my cousin came with his family (2 children) and also my cousin (who woke me up the first day lool) with her sister and brother. After 3 days, this cousin and her siblings went to kuwait with their father who came the second day of the war so it was really sad.. Then we went to somewhere in the north and we stayed for a couple of days but it was really boring so we came back to beirut. Before the end of the war (4 days i think) we went to Syria because my dad wanted to travel to Canada. We stayed for about a week.. and the we came back to our country.

    so that's my story, im 16 between and i don't live in Lebanon anymore

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    we live in texas and were in the west bank for a visit

    we were in falasteen at the time, and everyone was saying that israel would close the jisser that takes u from falasteen to jordan, and since me and my family are palestinians we cannot use the israeli airport and that would leave us stranded in falasteen! we would have missed school and everything

    the israelis suddenly lost their minds and patience, and when they do they take it out on the people in the refugee camps, so there was killings in the refugee camps and people getting sent to jail for voicing their opinions on the war and support for hezbollah bombin israel, and since my town tulkarem is on the border to the occupied land (u can see the apartheid wall from my grandpa's roof) we would see thier tanks and jeeps all over the city all the time, i still dont know why the israelis wasted their time also patroling the west bank so heavily during that time too but it was stupid, u would hear them blow random things up and they would be shooting alot at night mostly to scare us into staying inside and not causing any unwanted trouble, there was a curfew put on the city for a few days i dont even remember if it was even a full week but no one could leave their house it was too risky to even sit on the baranda, jeeps and hummers were patroling the streets, one famiyl member of mine left his house and got caught walkin in the street, the yahood picked him up and took him away with him for a full day his parents thought he died before they dropped him off on the other side of the town and he had to walk all the way home.

    once during the war we were coming home from a wedding and we were driving on a cliff in this huge bus, and they stopped the bus and it was picth black, they made us all get out, and then made us stand right over the edge of the cliff i am sure if i took one more step back i would have plummeted to my death, then before i knew it (i wasnt paying attention to anything before) i had a israeli soldier in front of me with his gun pointed straight at my face, for about like i dont know how long he stood with his gun in my face like that but i thought i was going to die, i started saying a prayer and started wondering if they shot me or not if i would be a martyr or not, then i wondered would i do before or after i hit the ground until he finally moved the gun from my face to my cousin's face

    anyways about them closing the jisser:

    we called the american embassy or consulate or whatever it is that is stationed in jerusalem and they told us when it comes to israel they cannot do anything and it is out of their hands, and urged us to leave as soon as possible, we were hearing all these stories of people having to sleep on the dirt floors in front of the checkpoint leading to the jisser (Ariha doesnt have hotels lmao) because the lines were so long only to be turned back the next day, we couldnt find a taxi driver to take us to the jisser alot of them thought it would be a waste of time, and the guy who used to drive us everywhere and sneak us around everywhere who could speak hebrew somehow dissapeared and no one could get a hold of him, so one day we decided to try our luck, we found a taxi driver desperate and crazy enough and we left tulkarem at 3 am and after 12 hours of torture we finally got to Amaan it was hell there were so many people like us wanting to leave and go back to their homes rushng and pushing and doing everything they could to get to the other side safely before they started turning people back, what shoulda been maybe at most an hr drive took us 12 hours to get across, once we got there people were starting to now say that they mught close down queen alia airport, and we were watching the news with our jaws wide open like totally shocked over eveyrhting that was happening, of course they did not close the queen alia airport and we eventually got back home to america lol

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