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can the car have both MFI and TBI?

im going to buy a 1992 camaro and i did a vin check on it and it said the engine was the 305 V8 5.0 and it had MFI/TBI but i thought those were two different things?!?

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    There were two 5.0 V8 engines available for that car. The base model Camaro had TBI, which is "throttle body injection". This looks like a carburetor, but has two fuel injectors mounted on top of the throttle body.

    MFI is "multi-port fuel injection" This setup is on the Z28 Camaro and is the Tuned Port Injection. The MFI has individual fuel injectors for each cylinder. This is the high performance model.

    The VIN check was just not very specific about the fuel injection.

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