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the devil wears prada 角色人物關係表!!!急!!!!20點




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    The Devil Wears Prada

    1. Anne Hathaway as Andrea "Andy" Sachs:

    A recent college graduate and aspiring journalist who, despite no real knowledge of fashion, is hired as the junior personal assistant to the powerful and demanding editor of Runway magazine.

    2. Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly:

    The editor of Runway. Feared by her staff and many in the fashion world, and powerful enough that she can discard a $300,000 photo shoot with impunity and lead a designer to redo an entire collection with the pursing of her lips. Nevertheless she dotes on her twin daughters.

    3. Emily Blunt as Emily Charlton:

    Miranda's haughty senior assistant, who tolerates her boss's rudeness and insults so that she may accompany her to Paris for Fall Fashion Week.

    4. Stanley Tucci as Nigel:

    Art director for Runway and the only person at the magazine Andrea feels she can trust despite his sometimes cutting remarks about her wardrobe and weight.

    5. Adrian Grenier as Nate Cooper:

    Andrea's boyfriend, a chef at a Manhattan restaurant who eventually breaks up with her due to the strain her job places on their relationship.

    6. Simon Baker as Christian Thompson:

    An up-and-coming magazine writer Andrea grows increasingly attracted to, especially after his connections help her get the advance Harry Potter books Miranda requests for her daughters and hints he could help her with her journalistic aspirations.

    7. Tracie Thoms as Lily:

    Andrea's close friend, who runs an art gallery.

    8. Rich Sommer as Doug:

    A college friend of Andrea, Nate and Lily who seems to work as a corporate research analyst.

    9. Tibor Feldman as Irv Ravitz:

    The chief executive officer of Elias-Clark, which publishes Runway.

    10. Daniel Sunjata as James Holt: An up-and-coming designer.

    11. David Marshall Grant as Richard Sachs, Andrea's father.

    12. Gisele Bündchen as Serena: An editorial staffer at Runway and friend of Emily's.

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