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English is important???

Do you think that English speaking is ( will be more) important at the moment in Taiwan? and why?

Most of people would say Yes, and in fact, many people are learning

how to speak English, but I can't feel it, nobody speak English at all in the road or at work or home something like that,

in my view in my opinion, most of people don't like speaking English at all. in the end, I don't think taiwanese people feel English speaking is important.


Oh my God, that is absolutely fantastic, yes you are right, I agree with you, I guess you have studied in an English speaking country or

you are English or American at all who knows about anything of Taiwan .

Thank you anyway for reading and answering.

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  • RY
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    1 decade ago
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    I think personally, I am also the one in the answerers list of ‘Yes!’

    Why English is important? For making easier money? Getting rich? Or for a high rank position to be a big Tycoon?

    Relatively yes, they are rather true. Taiwan is just an island on the corner of East Asia, an island rather tiny territory and poor in deposit of natural resources as well. Some people even don’t know where Taiwan is. And why Taiwan has been known for its remarkable economic achievement 10 years ago?

    I think that because Taiwan people has been committed themselves to be walking tall in the world. People set forth to learn English, speak them, write with them and listen to them for the purpose of getting Taiwan more power to compete with the rivals from the mother tongue countries. Taiwan did it very well, I supposed!

    Globalization trends in-avoidably spreads over every pieces of land on the earth.

    I don’t know why the young generations are reluctant to learn a better English for their use making aliens with spoken English and doing business in writing English? Those problems and failures come from the Ministry of Education with its failed leadership and their ideological policies for the Advanced Education.

    ‘Wild-Strawberries’ is symbolically for a tip of an iceberg.

    Do you agree too?

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  • Lewis
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    1 decade ago

    Hi there:Very intriguing points of view. I think I hold a different perception from you for the following reasons:Do you think English will be more important at the moment in Taiwan and why?Yes I perceived speaking fluent english as very important indeed since the ability to communicate fluently in english is an advantage for anybody.English has always been perceived as a universal language and needless to say the invention of the internet has further enhanced this particular notion. With the convenience of internet ,globalization are just finger tips away which mean companies these days are less restricted when it comes to promoting their business either domestically or internationally. In order to attract the maximum international interests these companies would be required to format a script in a language that can be comprehended internationally, hence english will be the first priority.

    I am clueless in regard to where you are living at the moment because as someone who work in taipei I hear people using english all the time. You shouldnt take your own feeling or your own perception in to consideration.The last time I checked, our main languages are still mandarin and taiwanese. Which kind of explain why you hardly hear people speaking in english on the road at work or at home.

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    If one could communicate freely using these two lanagues why bother using an unfamiliar language? However, I must admit one of the biggest problem faced by english learners in taiwan is lack of practice or should I say lack of practicing channels.

    2008-12-14 20:20:32 補充:

    This inevitably means people do not have the courage to use english as they are afraid of making mistakes or mocked by their peers. Unless people are not afraid of making mistakes when they practice their english then this would be continous prolem for years to come.

    2008-12-14 20:20:55 補充:

    So i guess what I am trying to say is that, I think most people realise the importance of english as shown by the number of english cram schools or english learning institutions in taiwan.

    2008-12-14 20:21:07 補充:

    Yet I think these people have a fear of making mistake which is playing on their mind therefore they are unwillingly to use english in public.Thus giving you a misconception that english is not important in taiwan.

    2008-12-14 20:21:13 補充:

    This is just my personal point of view and observation towards this question and I have no intention of offending anyone.

    2008-12-14 20:26:53 補充:

    To Faith:

    I was too busy typing I didnt see that you have already posted your answer. As we share similar point of view I would be happy to delete my answer if you are not comfortable with it.

    2008-12-14 20:29:33 補充:

    I get the impression the person asking this question is taiwanese but I just cant figure out why he is asking this question.

    2008-12-14 20:31:54 補充:

    By the way, are you in Australia? Cause only aussies use mates alot.

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  • Yes Go
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    1 decade ago

    Excuse Me. May I ask the asker you are a Taiwanese? Concerning your question, I think most people’s answer is positive. Absolutely, you feel nobody speak English in any place, I totally agree with you. I think that’s because we don’t have the environment to practice, and Taiwanese people are shy of speaking. Most important of all, we can’t find any person to talk with. I think this is the problem. (Maybe that’s an excuse) Why is it important? We can get the information from much more children study English now, even thought they are reluctant to learn it. But as we know, almost most parents are afraid that their children can’t compete with other people, so learning English has become the whole people’s important activity. Especially in recent years, the English certificate has become the necessary tool for job hunters. However, most companies just ask their employees must have writing and reading skills, not listening and speaking skills because that’s enough on their jobs. If you live in Taiwan , I think you have found that has a great part of students don’t know how to answer when they meet the foreigners, and also lots of graduated university students are still “unfamiliar” with English. Maybe the government should make better and cheaper policies to encourage people have the motives to learn English willingly and speak frequently.

    2008-12-14 20:43:33 補充:

    To Auston Martin DB9,

    That's Ok. We just express and share our opinions. I posted my answer because I wondered what the asker's nationality is. Maybe she/ he is not a Taiwanese, and is curious about Taiwan.

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