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Best path to US Marshals Service?

I'm a college junior right now majoring in Criminal Justice. I would like to start a career with the US Marshals Service.

My question is what is the best way to get hired with them?

I'm a good student, and next semester I'll get a chance to participate in an intership and one of the options is with the local US Marshals field office.

Would that be the a good way to get hired? I've also been considering joining the military (Marines, Army, or Navy) as an officer for a while, then applying to the Marshals.

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    If you get a paid Internship with the U.S. Marshals you will get a hired as a Deputy U.S. Marshal, unless you mess up somehow. If it's an unpaid internship program you will not be offered a position but it will assist you in getting there as the office will most likely back your application.

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    US Marshals are appointed with the help of the President. Deputy US Marshals are hire with the help of those appointed by way of a technique. Your terrific wager is to flow to artwork to your US Senator or Congressman. they're people who get qualified applicants the activity. you moreover might might desire to provide up believing what you notice on television and in video clips or examine in books approximately any regulation enforcement, Federal or community.

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