Which US Senators are up for re-election in 2010?

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    As of the present time, there will be 36 Senate seats up for election in 2010. This number is subject to change based on:

    1) Death or resignation of a sitting Senator in a state that holds the special election at the next regular election;

    2) Changes in state law regarding timing of special elections

    First the special elections currently scheduled for November 2010 (for remainder of unexpired terms)

    1) New York -- Current Senator Hillary Clinton (Replacement not yet named but is likely to run for remainder of term) -- to fill last two years of six year term

    2) Delaware -- Current Senator Joe Biden (Ted Kaufman has been named to fill the vacancy but will not be running for the remainder of term) -- to fill last four years of six year term

    Current Democratic Seats for Full Term

    1) Arkansas -- Current Senator Blanche Lincoln

    2) California -- Current Senator Barbara Boxer

    3) Colorado -- Current Senator Ken Salazar (Replacement not yet named)

    4) Connecticut -- Current Senator Christopher Dodd

    5) Hawaii -- Current Senator Daniel Inouye

    6) Illinois -- Currently Vacant (Replacement not named, unclear if will be special election for last two years of current term)

    7) Indiana -- Current Senator Evan Bayh

    8) Maryland -- Current Senator Barbara Mikulski

    9) Nevada -- Current Senator Harry Reid

    10) New York -- Current Senator Chuck Schumer

    11) North Dakota -- Current Senator Byron Dorgan

    12) Oregon -- Current Senator Ron Wyden

    13) Vermont -- Current Senator Patrick Leahy

    14) Washington -- Current Senator Patty Murray

    15) Wisconsin -- Current Senator Russ Feingold

    Current Republican Seats

    1) Alabama -- Current Senator Richard Shelby

    2) Alaska -- Current Senator Lisa Murkowski

    3) Arizona -- Current Senator John McCain

    4) Georgia -- Current Senator Johnny Isakson

    5) Florida -- Current Senator Mel Martinez -- Not seeking a new term

    6) Idaho -- Current Senator Mike Crappo

    7) Iowa -- Current Senator -- Chuck Grassley

    8) Kansas -- Current Senator Sam Brownback -- Not seeking a new term

    9) Kentucky -- Current Senator Jim Bunning

    10) Louisiana -- Current Senator David Vitter

    11) Missouri -- Current Senator Kit Bond

    12) New Hampshire -- Current Senator Judd Gregg

    13) North Carolina -- Current Senator Richard Burr

    14) Ohio -- Current Senator George Voinovich

    15) Oklahoma -- Current Senator Tom Coburn

    16) Pennsylvania -- Current Senator Arlen Specter

    17) South Carolina -- Current Senator Jim Demint

    18) South Dakota -- Current Senator John Thune

    19) Utah -- Current Senator Robert Bennett

    I should note that besides the three who have announced that they will not be running (the interim Senator from Delaware and the Senators from Florida and Kansas), there are several who may be considering retirement including but not limited to Kit Bond, Arlen Specter, Chuck Grassley, Patrick Leahy, and Daniel Inouye.

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    Since practically no Republicans are in the white house/congress so i'd say all the democratic and the independent senators in 2010

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    I don't know, but we would be a lot better off if no one voted for an incumbent. We could eventually have some new blood and maybe a chance for some new ideas on how to get this country back on track.

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    Mel Martinez in Florida said he won't run, So it looks like Jeb Bush will get his seat, Hopefully without buying it.

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    i'm in arizona and jon kyle is retiring - do no longer understand for whom i'm going to forged my vote jeff flake or will cardon? i do no longer understand yet. raul grajalva is my us rep, besides the undeniable fact that he on no account solutions my emails. what a creep

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    Many republican and democrats are up for re-election, I'm going to make sure I vote the democrats back in.

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    Whomever they are they need to be voted out regardless of party.

  • Anonymous
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