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Good topics/subjects on medieval Europe?

Must take place during medieval europe, I have to write a 3 page paper and I need some help thinking of good topic(s). I was thinking medieval art, but i didn't know where to begin. everyone else is already doing the black plague.

also hopefully you can suggest something relatively easy to write a lot about?


also found a lot of topics by accident on this site;

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    I agree that William Marshall, Frederick Barbarossa and Eleanor of Aquitaine were all facinating personalities if you wanted to make your paper a biography. There's also tonnes of information avaliable about all three of them.

    Medieval art is probably too big of a topic for a three page paper, but Heraldry could be a much more managable topic. You could write about when it started (in France in the 12th century), what it was used for (easy identification on the tourney field), the basic rules of medieval heraldry (easily googled) and then give examples of some famous coats of arms (like Richard the Lionheart).

    Or you could talk about Medieval book illumination: the kind of pictures painted, the paints and parchments used, who commissioned illuminated manuscripts (and the way donor would often be painted into a scene of the book), you can easily look up the biggest manuscript painted during the middle ages, and probably find the smallest one, too.

    Or you could look specifically at Viking Art (it in itself when through at least five different styles).

    Or you could write about medieval sculpture - just writing about Chartres Cathedral by itself could fill three pages.

    You could also write about the Crusades -- or make it more specific and talk about a particular Crusade: the First was probably the most sucessful, the Fourth the most famous, the "Children's Crusade" the most infamous (the probably the basis for the legend of the Piped Piper).

    Or you could just write about knights: How they trained, starting as pages at age seven, moving through squire and finally being knighted around age 21, what they needed to learn, their place in feudal society, what they did in war, what they did in peace, how the invention of the canted saddle made knights even possible, what armour they wore, banners they carried, etc., etc.

    Hope this helps.

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    A couple of awesome topics would be:

    Knights Templar


    William Marshall

    John Wyclif

    Frederick Barbarossa

    These are topics I would be impressed with if my students researched them. FYI-its how the topic fits in with your study of medieval Europe that is going to get you the grade you seek.

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    The Plague


    Empires/ Governments

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    Women in medieval times, or Eleanor of Aquitaine.

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    Roger Bacon: monk & scientist!

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    Warfare. So much info on it

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