Does red plaid with yellow accents match?

I have a red plaid blazer, with black and white cross stitching. I want to wear a yellow waist belt with yellow earrings. Is that too much. It might be a stretch but i thought it might bring out the plaid.

Any fashion experts?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Plaid is a really hard pattern to accessorize. Too much, and you'll look like you belong in the Highlands. Not enough and you risk looking like a prepster.

    As for what you described with this blazer, the yellow belt and earrings could be cute...providing that it's age appropriate (i.e., you're under 25) and paired with the right bottoms. A skirt would look too "darling" so you might want to try superskinny black jeans and pumps. They'll make your legs look a mile long and won't compete with what you've got going on on top.


  • Yeah. I think that would look GREAT together. It sounds awesome!

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