have we really bettered ourselves as a society?

after reading many questions from people in the family/relationships section and polls and surveys, i am wondering how have we bettered ourselves as a society from my generation (born in early 60's) to todays generation (born in 80's/90's)...here's y i ask as these r just a few questions i've seen posted lately:

"is it ok to let my 13yr old daughter date a mature 15yr old"

"i'm married, and so is my FWB but his wife found out and now we need to stop seeing each other, is that fair"

"y shouldn't 10yr olds be taught sex education in school"

i let my 12yr old daughter stay out until 2am on the weekends with her friends and people say i'm wrong to do so, what do you think"

"why is it so wrong for me to want to have sex at 10" (this one from a girl)

"why should me and my bf have to wait until we're 18 to get married, we're 13 and in love"

"is it ok to have an affair since my wife gained weight"

"why isn't it ok to have affairs, what does the bible have to do with it, i know what vows i spoke but they didn't mean anything, they're just words afterall"

"why is polygamy and gay sex not allowed"

"why should someone else dicipline my child since i don't want to"

lets look at my generation to todays:

in my generation we had a tv show called "the fugitive";

todays generation has a tv show called "america's most wanted".

in my generation schools were for higher learning and accessable by any parent at any time;

todays generation can't name me a school where bars and gates aren't included anywhere inside the schools...is that to keep kids in or drug dealers out...or shall we call school prison...what happens during an actual fire with these gates locked...how would kids get away thru locked gates inside a school if someone took a gun to school and started shooting...why is it again home-schooling is gaining so much popularity?

in my generation marijuana was the drug of choice and many of u still use it; (never tried drugs, saw what they did to my brother and his friends, that was enough education for me not to need artificial stimulants)

todays generation has crystal meth and no one will continue using it for long periods of time as it can/will/does kill in a heartbeat...but that doesn't stop people from making, selling and using it at home/work and worst off at our kindergarden/grade school/jr high school/high schools. what are todays generation of kids doing with their lunch money?

my generation had family values where the father worked and the mom stayed and took care of the children and today they are both enjoying their retirement and helping their kids out financially;

todays generation has "the center for missing and exploited children" and the children of those families are now turning to their parents for financial help at ages 45 and up...i know, thats where my last ex gf of that age and her sister whos older run to for money when they write checks their bank balances can't cover.

in my generation if i took a squirt gun to school i was expelled and when i got home my dad "explained" to me what i had done wrong;

todays generation has one too many Columbines.

in my generation banks made deals with handshakes to people willing to work hard for their families and finance their futures and everyone paid it back;

todays generation needed a 700B bailout and families are still losing their homes despite it.

in my generation it was not uncommon to go to 30yr retirement parties for people in the neighborhood as well as celebrate 30yr wedding anniversaries...my parents last one was their 47th before my dad passed away:

todays generation...well, no need 2 go any further on this one is there.

in my generation if a kid was doing something wrong or illegal and someone else saw it, that someone stopped the deed and if needed "diciplined" the child who then went home and was again "diciplined" by their parents for doing the deed and humiliating the family;

todays generation ends up on "judge alex" or "judge judy" or any number of other shows up to and including "jerry springer"...

please understand that dicipline never killed anyone, its those diciplined children of yesterday who are now financially funding their children whom they weren't allowed 2 dicipline but who treated their parents with disrespect when they were growing up today.

in my generation when a person wanted a divorce, they had to go to their church and present their reasons before one was granted (happened many times when i was growing up and not all were granted for foolish things like: can't cook, won't have sex, wears too much cologne/makeup, won't shower, and my most favorite of all...doesn't make enough money);

todays generation has $99 do it yourself divorces and the methodist church actually has a divorce ceremony where its like ur wedding; u infite friends/family/co-workers and divorce in front of them...actually wondered if the bride-to no-longer-be wears a black dress at this one...


young lady, it was a woman in the late 60's who told women to burn their bras, free love=free sex and that women don't need men other than for pro-creation...her name was gloria steinum(sp)...that your and your fiancee's parents as well as tens of thousands of others listened to her clearly shows what morals and values are lacking in todays society...for you see, when hope seems lost, its not that people will believe in nothing; its that they will believe in anything...or any guru next on the scene.

Update 2:

i give all answerers a thumbs up as i respect all opinions; although i may question a few judgment calls by any who may not have total knowledge and understanding of the times or the causes/effects...i never give anyone a thumbs down.

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    By no means am I trying to be facetious. However, you have answered your own question. Reading your question takes me back to a time when life was better. Internet was not a word, authority was respected, not challenged and mental illness was schizophrenic. It was not considered being overwhelmed or not knowing how to deal with minor issues.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well as someone of this generation(born in 84) ,I feel like some of us still have values.

    My mom was a single parent who struggled to support two girls on her own but I have to than her she did a fab job.I have morals and values .

    I have been with my Fiancee since the day we met 7 years ago and it is not a open relationship . If we are upset with one another we go to family for support because both of us have felt the devastation cheating can cause as our parents from your generation showed us first hand .

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We've morphed from a society of free thinking individuals into a society of micro-managed sheep controlled by our Federal Overlords.

    When you've been reduced to economic slavery (Federal Reserve System), which in essence is chasing zero, people will eventually start to lose their minds. Eventually they'll seek out any means of immediate gratification they can find in a society designed A) to keep them in debt B) to keep them in the dark as to the true nature of the world.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you really want my opinion, the freedom we were given was squandered.

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