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past decisions effect my future?

well lets get to the story.

i've played basketball the past 2 years (7th and 8th grade)

i started going to workouts this year and i didn't like it that much so i quit..

its like half way through the season now and i miss it..

will people judge me if i try and play again next year?



the team doesnt have try outs because not enough people try out so everyone makes it.

Update 2:

and im not that bad at basketball.

when i quit ppl were hitting me saying we need u on the team..

and one of my friends told me at one of their games the coaches said they needed me out there to take the ball down the court

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    They wouldnt be able to trust you any more. You will have to win it back by working hard and never complaining when you have to do something hard.

  • U messed up, most likely in hs the coaches talk to eachother, or if u played varsity u gonna have same coach.

    Just try out and do better than others for a small chance of making it.

  • 5 years ago

    Your past decisions have everything to do with your future

  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe but why care. This choice is about whats good for you.

    People always judge each other, get used to it.

    Sometimes its a good thing, for instance, if they help you to make a better/wiser choice.

    Other times its just negative behavior, ignore it then.

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