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Who has a dog who chews all toys up?

My dog is a mix breed. Cannot say what he is. He is about a year old. He chews all toys. Kong's are a waste. Nylabone's have to be really supervised because he will whittle them down to nothing. Anyone else have a dog like this? I feel bad because I have no toys that last for him. He seems so bored at times. I know raw hides are not real good for them, but I have to give him something sometimes. Any suggestions? I give him ice cubes at times. Sticks are bad, though he will grab them and chew them before I can get to him. He is a good dog. Just the most powerful chewer I have ever had.

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    get the filled bones (REAL). my uncles lab is heavvvy chewer, and these last a good while (in her terms) compared to other things. avoid anything stuffed. nylabones can make your dog sick btw, because the don't digest right. this site has a few long term chewy items:

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    I had a peke once and he was very aggressive about all or any toys. His nature changed a lot when we lost dad but the assertive nature of the dog requires extensive disipline. There ARE toys and dog chews and cat toys that are completely un-labeled. The toy mouses we give our cats do not identify fur flavors or contents. Some have card board others are probably rabit. What I do know is Pigs Ears cause an extensive aggresive streak which i blamed on the hormones injected in the pigs ears for fattening up. Could be they roll the plastic toys in something similar to win your pets favor. Bottom line is we stopped giving the dog his toys and took his food away because his aggressive tendencys made him a poor pet. After severe retraining he was a different dog, but, it was hellish for 2 months, anxiety, snit fits, and the distribution of waste products all ended after that. So, I guess im saying its not the toy, you have no control and no way of knowing whats there, its the dog you can change. good luck

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    I've got 2 of them... both 12, one 16... and both of them have been doing it their entire life. They get a toy, and they eat it. At best, it lasts a week... usually no more than 3 days.

    I know its not the safest, or healthiest approach (then again I have a 16 year old lab that still runs up and down stairs), but every time I go to the grocery store, I pick up two cheap stuffed animals out of the toy section. If I find them on sale for a buck or two, I'll buy several.

    Figure, I can't beat the habbit.... and I feel bad not giving them anything... So I just keep a fresh supply available.

  • When my dog was about that age, I gave up on toys too. He had the best time with an empty juice bottle (the big welches kind), or an old soda bottle -- washed out of course. Or I would give him a whole apple -- he would play with it for a while, then chew on it. I would also give him whole carrots. I would tie a knot in an old hand towel, he had the best time with those -- they're great for throwing, and our dog loved thrashing them. If he got really bored, and it was too cold or wet to play outside, I would get out our laser pointer. He would chase that stupid red dot all over the house =)

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    my dog destroys any and all stuffed animals/ plushies that she sees, every time i get a new stuffed animal its automatically hers. shes a 2 year old yorkie/shih-tzu mix and is really sweet but she steals all of my plushies -_- lol. she doesn't like any other kind of toy though, she hates the rubber or chewy ones.

    so its normal for all dogs, especially the younger ones. try those huge rubber toys for your dog or the ones with ropes on them, they're pretty durable.

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    One year olds always chew a lot. He will start to grow out of it though and toys should last longer.

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    Yes, they have bred like this!

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