What do you like/hate about these WWE supestars?

1.Triple H


3.John cena


5.Randy orton

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  • Rohit
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    1 decade ago
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    1.Triple H==

    Like----Nothing but have respect for his contribution

    Hate----Sh*thead politician,blocks the path of better wrestler(like RVD)


    Like-----I hate him

    Hate----Made of Steroids,sob in both real and ring life

    3.John cena==

    Like---His mic skills and one liners.

    Hate---Superhuman Gimmick



    Hate----Few appereances in one year

    5.Randy orton==

    Like-----Charisma and legacy

    Hate----Lazy and careless

  • 4 years ago

    On Wrestling ability 1. Chris Jericho 2.Randy Orton 3.Shelton Benjamin 4.Edge 5.John Morrison 6 HBK 7. The Brian Kendrick 8.Matt Hardy 9 Finlay 10. CM Punk 11. Vladimir Kozlov 12. Jamie Noble 13. Evan Bourne 14. Paul London 15, William Regal

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Triple H- Burys Talent,Belt Hog, Using Politics

    Batista- Zero Personality, Boring

    John Cena- As Soon As he Returns They Slap The Title On Him

    Undertaker- I Respect The Phenom More Than Ever

    Randy Orton- Great Heel

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Like him as a heel... one of the best around at that. have you noticed as a heel he loses a lot more? its easier to lose to a young face than heel because hes a top star.

    2. there isn't a lot to like about batista is there? cries until he gets the title backstage is the most limited talent on the roster and can't cut a promo to save a life.

    3. he's funny at times and at least you can see the effort in his matches. everything he does is WWE... films cd's and probably the book as well if it ever happens. hes a company man and he's is the face of the company with the media but that doesn't mean they can't change the character which is something they don't want to do.

    4. Locker room leader, puts over young stars ( Cena Lesnar Orton Khali to name a few that have had big feuds with the deadman) still going strong even though he has well documented knee problems. true legend done it all and can still have a five star match.

    5. just gets better and better! the promos since his return have been the best so far of his and has always been a good talent in the ring... stays healthy and he's around for a very long time and will be at the top for the most of it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1.Triple H

    Like: He's a good powerhouse, has good mic skills and charisma.

    Hate: He has a problem with putting younger talent over.


    Like: He played a fantastic monster appeal and his entrance is quite good.

    Hate: He has backstage heat, arrogant and he can't really wrestle or cut a promo when he thinks he can backstage, accusing others who are better at it than him that they are bad at it!

    3.John cena

    Like: He has unreal mic skills and charisma, has a strong passion for the business, works super hard and cares for his fans deeply.

    Hate: Its not his fault but Cena could use more moves if WWE let him, WWE just try to promote him as a superhero character who can beat the likes of The Great Khali with limited moveset!


    Like: He has worked really hard, never breaks character, adores to put younger talent over and is extremely loyal to WWE and always has been. And the biggest thing isthat he has achieved what no other superstar has or probably ever will achieve: A long term winning streak at Wrestlemania.

    Hate: Nothing really! What's to hate about Taker?

    5.Randy orton

    Like: He plays a really good narcissistic heel and his finisher is my favourite.

    Hate: He's gotten a bit boring since he came back from his 2008 injury, compared to the way he was before.

  • 1 decade ago

    Triple H--------- He played his Character well as a Heel.

    Batista--------- He is Boretista,Roidista,Batsiteroids & Botchista!!!

    John Cena---- His Moves Sux!!!

    Undertaker------ The Phenom & Legend.

    Randy Orton-------- Great Passion For Wrestling,Very Talented,Charismatic & The Future Of WWE.

    Source(s): The Victory Is Only An RKO Away!!!
  • 1 decade ago

    1. Triple H- He is a great wrestler but he can't climb the top ropes.

    2. Batista- Everything

    3. John Cena- Don't let me get started.

    4. Undertaker- Nothing........The Phenom

    5. Randy Orton- He is a better wrestler than Triple H but should have atleast one more move like the Sharpshooter

  • 1. I like Triple H, and sometimes I hate him. I'm a tweener with Triple H. He's got booking power, married to the bosses daughter, but is a good wrestler. I would like to see the man that doesn't give damn who he hurts to make sure he stays on top back again.

    2. It's a sad sight to see Batista in this shape and form. The man is a mess and needs help badly. I don't want to see another Scott Hall, although Hall is trying his best to clean himself.

    3. I'm also a tweener with the man. I like the man with his passion, and trying his best to entertain the people. What I hate about him is that he is not a good wrestler even Ric Flair admits that he is not the best wrestler.

    4. I have no problem with Undertaker whats so ever, but the man is aging and its hard for me to keep up with him. The man needs a Sting like schedule where he'll only work some Tv shows, most ppv, and barely no house shows. The man needs it badly.

    5.Randy Ortan is a awesome heel, but if people are starting to cheer for him more then maybe its time for a face change. He is the best we will have for next 10 years.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Triple H: In my mind is one of the best in the buis.

    Batista: Overrated and botches heaps of moves

    John Cena: Superman lol

    Undertaker: A legend in the business

    Randy Orton: The future of this industry.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like triple h because he's been in the wwe for a really long time and his held the wwe championship lots of times I like batista as a superstar or his gimmick because he is always very strong fast powerful but as a normal person I've heared that he's very mean john cena I support him but to be honest sometimes his matches are very dull or boring and he has held the wwe champoinship for to long at one time making all his matches predicable the undertaker I got nothing bad to say about the deadman he's my favoite superstar and he's a good person in real life and in wwe he's always give me that legendary feeling... you know finally randy orton I like him in real life but in wwe his gimmick he talks to much

  • FM-O
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    1 decade ago

    1. I have always liked Triple H but what gets on my nerves is that his character is supposed to be the best in the business so when he gets a title it just seems pointless to have anyone go agents him for it and when a superstar like Jeff Hardy beats him its very unrealistic.

    2. I have no problems with Batista hes not my Favorit but i don't dislike him

    3. I hate how Cena has to always have the title if he doesn't have it no one can that makes me mad.

    4. great character and superb superstar.

    5. what i like most about Orton is his career its like a hollywood movie the youngster who goes from being the youngest champ to a dark twisted villein its like star wars.

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