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Pinky asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

Promotion Points, list all the ways?

Can someone list all the ways to earn promotion points? Can you give an explanation for each one? My husband is 92F, so he needs like 630pp from e-4 to e-5, and he wants to take classes at the ACS (40 hours) for only 4 points, so is any way he can earn many points without spending that much time?

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  • SFCVet
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    1 decade ago
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    by far the easiest and fastest way is army correspondence courses here:

    different ways to get promotion points:

    awards, decorations and badges, achievements such as soldier of the quarter/NCO of the quarter brigade and higher, commandants list or distinguished honor grad from WLC or BNCOC, certificates of achievement (up to 4) (max 100 points depends the higher the award the more points)

    military education such as WLC, BNCOC, correspondence courses. EMT certification (max at 200 points)

    civilian education (max 100 points)

    military training PT and weapons qual (max 100 points)

    for the complete way to earn points see the promotion point worksheet here:

    Source(s): active duty army SSG
  • moton
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    5 years ago

    Army Schools For Promotion Points

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    The only reason for you not to be on the promotion list even though you have more points than the cutoff is that you are still in the wait period. You have to wait 3 months from the time you put your promotion packet in before you are actually eligible for promotion. To be eligible for promotion on Nov 1, you had to have gone to the promotion board in early August or before.

  • 1 decade ago

    As the promotion clerk/Awards clerk working in Battalion S1 I can only tell him this.. Weapons/ Pt, Correspondence Course ( sub courses no longer count), awards military training NOT BCT/AIT. In order to go to the Promotion board as an E4 he must have 350 points at low . for SGT to SSG a Soldier must have and keep 450 to go to the board. I have to answer the same questions every month. It is hard for support MOS' to get promoted. I am a 42A Human Resource Specialist my points just drop in Nov, however they will raise again to 798. My husband is a 92A Logistics he is a SGT on the AIL( Automatic promotion list) but their points have been maxed out for over 10 yrs. trust me when I say I understand you want your time with your husband because I have been an Armywife longer than I have been a Soldier. Being a Soldier you have to do what you have to do to get promoted. No one cares more about you that you! I just finsihed my required Eng for college, I work very long Hours, and we have 3 children. But I am busting my *** for my family and myself. If your husband is smart he will try to max out the Corrsepondence courses as fast as possible... there is talk they will no longer allow you to take the test online and will require you to go to the ed center to take the test. CLEP is free for Military he could always clep to max his civilian ed out. and College course is 3.5 credits per class.

    Good luck to him!!

    Email me if you have any questions... this is my MOS and I love what I do. I am sure your husband gets upset when other MOS' points are 350, tell him to use that as his force to work hard. ALOT of Soldiers are not ready to take on the role of an NCO I see it everyday, yet because they have the MOS they do they get recommended by the board scoring only 120 . Good luck!!!

    Active duty Soldier and Armywife!

    ps.. make sure his ERB is updated and he does his 3355.

    Source(s): My job to know!
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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, I am also a 92F (fueler) and it is very hard to get promoted is our MOS, he will need to do Civilian Ed to get enough promotion points. I have maxed everythingelse out but Civilian ED. So that is what he needs to work on the most, without it you can really get promoted as a fueler.

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