zxcv1471472003唔好就咁用網上翻译 翻译比我 我英文廢都知到 篇文錯到七彩!

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    A two days local tour schedule for a friend

    Day 1 :

    We will go to the Ocean Park in the morning. This Park has been the most popular theme Park in Hong Kong for more than 30 years. Until today this is still a must go scenic spot in Hong Kong .

    In the afternoon we will visit the beaches in southern part of Hong Kong Island . Then we will go to the Jumbo Kingdom to have dinner. While we are enjoying the dinner we can also enjoy the beautiful harbour view in southern Hong Kong .

    At night we will go to the Avenue of Star in Tsimshatsui to see all the hand craving of famous movie stars in Hong Kong .

    Day 2 :

    We will start the morning with a tour to Ngong Ping 360. Beside enjoying the beautiful mountain view while riding on the 25 minutes cable car ride, we will also visit the Ngong Ping Village where lots of local snacks and souvenirs are sold.

    We will have lunch in a Chinese restaurant (果間???)

    Then we will go to the Mongkok Shopping Centre where trendy fashion and accessories are sold. We can find all the hottest gadgets in this shopping centre. Another shopping centre worth going is the Sceneway Plaza in Lam Tin.

    In the evening we will have dinner in the Amoy Plaza . After dinner we shall go up to the Victoria Peak to have a look of how the Pearl of Orient looks like at night.

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    First date goes to the sea park to play, goes to the area south to left afternoon both the treasure kingdom to eat dinner, because near d, and may appreciate the night scene, will have gone to the star light main road to night me.

    Has gone to Angping to the second day 360, to left in the afternoon is buries between the fruit on o the restaurant to eat lunch, tails eats goes to the Kuangjiao center to collect the scenery market good street along with Lantian, washes the big market to the left night to eat dinner, eats goes to Victoria Peak to look at the night scene.

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