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    There are 3 normal positions for adverbs in a sentence.


    (1) Before the subject


    - Unfortunately It rained all day. ( It= subject)

    - Never touch my computer! ( You may place the adverb in the imperative like this too.)

    (2) After the subject


    - I fully understand what you are saying. ( I= suject)

    -My boss often travels to Japan. ( My boss = subject)

    (3) Between the helping verb and the past participle


    -I have already finished my homework. ( Present perfect tense)

    have = helping verb , finished = past participle

    (4) Between the modal verb and the main verb


    - I will always love you. ( will = modal verb, love = the main verb)

    (5) At the end of a sentence

    - She goes to work every day. ( every day = adverb of frequency)

    Note: " every day"( adverb) are two words. " everyday" ( one word) is used as an adjective.)

    (6) To modify adjectives

    - She is really beautiful. ( beautiful( adjective))

    " really" is used to modify " beautiful".

    -This is really absolutely nice.

    really( adverb), absolutely( adverb) nice = adjective

    Note: You may show more feelings with more than one adverb in a sentence.


    2008-12-13 09:26:41 補充:

    There are 6 normal positions for adverbs in a sentence.************************

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  • 1 decade ago

    副詞 Adverb 什麼是副詞?副詞是用來形容動詞、形容詞、其他副詞或整個句子的詞。

    你看看這個website ,會有講解,而且也exercise 給你做.

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    好似every day咁!!every day可以做adv.又得,做adj.又得。

    adv.(e.g.):I swim every day.(多數在句子最後)

    (adverb係用黎形容個verb既!呢個eg既every day就係形容緊swim!)

    adj.(e.g.):I 've done everyday exercise.(多數在句子中間)

    (而adjective就用黎形容個noun,呢個eg既every day就係形容緊exercise!)

    P.S.好多人都唔知到當every day用成adj.既時候係會


    adv.既時候就係分開---->every day

    Source(s): 自己記憶((希望我所記得既都冇錯啦!!))
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