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    希望沒有錯 應該是沒啦

    Tour, for identifying the parlance of "go ten thousand reason road, win to read ten thousand books" and wanting to go out to walk;

    Study abroad, also for begging to take higher deep knowledge and rising to move read aloud.However, the new tour combining both method-study-abroad trip, then and have sense and sensitive faculty.In addition to providing the value of recreational amusement, it is more likely to reach to attend school

    Purpose of refreshing, therefore have already gradually become trend and become an unrest.

    And, choose that this side reads side reads after hasing fun, or hasing fun first, the ethnicity played after even reading first, have already been more unlimited than to make use of winter and summer vacation to abroad to do the youth student of short-term continuing education;More and more office workers or housewifes, probably for refreshing, probably for owning vaster sky, also flee in succession, throw a body study-abroad trip row or column in.

    Wanting a route of travel only to plan is perfect, in advanceHave properly, in spite of short date like 23 weeks of continuing education, or long-term as in about a year even few years of route of travel;Usually study-abroad trip 1 comes back, if the whole individual keeps form but change substance to have a brand-new look.While re- facing life, can also differently face to and keep in mind to embrace a more calmly comfortable and macroscopic experienced attitude and become to be subjected to, realize from each one.By this person who tells to want a study-abroad trip, should how choose one to suit his/her own study-abroad trip curriculum and has some the item that the study-abroad trip should notice, can reach the purpose of real study-abroad trip.

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    英文寫作最好不要這樣中翻英, 寫出來的文章通常都不會很順~ 不過如果是翻譯需要, 那也最好不要按照字句翻譯喔~~

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    The traveling, is to confirm “line of Wan Lilu, the victory reads Wan Juanshu” the view, but wants to go out for a walk;

    Abroad study, is also to seek a more profound knowledge, but the heart movement becomes reads. However, unifies both's new traveling way - to study away from home, then has both the nous and the perception. Except provides rest and recreation's value, may achieve studies the charge goal, therefore gradually has become the tendency and luxuriant is the unrest.

    Moreover, chooses this kind to read while plays, after or plays first reads, even reads after first, plays the tribal grouping tribal group, already not limited to using the winter and summer vacation to the youth scholar who overseas made the short-term further education; More and more office workers or housewife, perhaps to charge, perhaps to have a broader sky, also leaves in abundance, joins in studies away from home in the ranks.

    So long as the traveling schedule plan consummates, prepares beforehand appropriately, no matter short-term like 2-3 week-long further education, or long-term like one year or so even several year traveling schedules; Often studies away from home to come back, to give people a hard time like is reborn changed beyond recognition. When faces the life, can also from each different facing, the bosom be calmer comfortablely, and the macroscopic experienced manner, went to Cheng Shou, to realize. Takes advantage of this tells the human who the wish studies away from home, how should probably choose one to suit own the item which studies away from home the curriculum, also to have some to study away from home should probably pay attention, can serve the purpose which studies away from home truly.

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