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甚麼叫做”Non-Recoverable draw”

剛剛拿到一家外商的工作, offer letter裡面有一條叫做"Non-Recoverable Draw",期間是三個月. 但是甚麼叫做"Non-Recoverable Draw", 公司的HR也在新加坡, 沒得問耶?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A non-recoverable draw is an advance which would not be repaid from future earnings or commissions in its most liberal application. Most non-recoverable draws are recoverable only against earnings within the commission period (if commissions are paid monthly, the draw is granted at the beginning of the month and repaid only with commissions earned during the month). Any amount of draw not repaid is forgiven; a "forgiveable draw" is synonymous with "recoverable draw

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