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you should be and i know you are proud of who your are-a strong black man.

born to belong to the race that takes the cruelest challenge from the creator,plays the hardest game on earth,you will foresee the day your people rise.

be grateful for the people around's not easy and it's a blessing to have a crew of shared got your boy to keep you sober and solidify your spirit,i feel thankful for your fortune.

i also hope you can appreciate a woman's worth.historically proved that we women are the moon and you are the sun.while our emotional states cause the tides to move and your moods to stir,you hold us via gravity with your radical energies,knowledge, and divine guidance.

to the end,i want you to see me mature and build with me.a positive vibe is a creation of two persons in connection.i'm glad to be part of your evolution.the future is an irrealistic term.let's just go with the flow,take it as what it is but i wouldn't want to lose it just because-i admire you.

i've said everything i want to say in a poetic way.

this is for you ,and this is not a love poem.

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    您應該是,并且我知道您为誰感到骄傲您的區域坚强的黑人。負擔屬於採取從創作者的最殘暴的挑戰的種族,打在地球,您上的最堅硬的比賽將預見天您的人上升。對人民是感恩的在'附近; 不容易的s和it' s有的祝福共有的acknowledgement.you乘員組使您的男孩保持您清醒,并且變硬您的精神,我感到感激為您的時運。我也希望您能讚賞woman' s worth.historically证明,我們婦女是月亮,并且您是sun.while我們的精神状态造成浪潮移動和您的心情向混亂,您通过與您的根本能量、知識和神的指引的重力拿着我們。 對末端,我要您看與me.a正面vibe的我成熟和修造是二個人的創作connection.i'的; 高興的m是您的evolution.the未來的一部分是irrealistic term.let' s与流程匹配,採取它,什麼它是,但是i wouldn' 因為我敬佩您, t想要丟失它。 i' ve說我想要說用一個詩方式的一切。這是為您,并且這不是愛詩。

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