How do I get the most accurate result from a blood Glucose monitor?

I have a One Touch Ultra 2 glucose monitor and I am getting different readings in less than 30 seconds of each other. My monitor is calibrated to the strips that I am using. I have even tested it. The R.N.P. at the clinic did not give me the rundown on the monitor. She didn't even show me how to use. I think she was in a hurry. She had told me to read the instructions. So, I've been testing myself for a few weeks and I was poking my finger then getting the first blood draw. I noticed at the clinic they would clean the area, poke the finger, wipe the first blood dot and then get the next one. As soon as I was doing it the way the clinic was, I was getting a lot lower readings. Does anyone have this problem?

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    I've never used this meter so I am not completely sure about it. But I would check how much of a difference the readings are after 30 secs. Because mine tend to be different but only by a little bit not a big deal. But if they are very different I would talk to your doctor or if you have a diabetes educator talk to them. If you don't have one I would highly recommend finding one. They can help with all of these problems better than people on the internet. I also would suggest trying a different meter. They aren't expensive(go on to the websites of the different meters they normally give them free). I would see if the same things happen with a new one. Also it is important to clean the area as you said they did at the clinic. This can give you a more accurate reading. Start with talking to your doctor and see what he/she thinks. Hope this works out for you!

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    I also use the One Touch Ultra 2 glucose monitor now for about 3 years and yes I also get different results within 30 seconds but I think it is normal because the results are only a little less or more! So just keep on with your monitor but I think if your results are very different from each other take the monitor back and replace it with a new one.

    Good luck and stay healthy!!

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    Our daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic. She can also test within less than 30 sec of each other and get different readings. This is normal. She has an Advantage Performa meter and it is great. But you need to check with your Diabetic Educator to be sure. Good luck. By the way our daughter has an Insulin Pump and this is brilliant. Keeps her blood sugars at virtually normal. all the best.

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    If I remember correctly meters are only about 80 correct or should I say it is easy to have a difference in readings. This is why the Dr. relies on your HBA1C. Generally, if I get a reading that is extremely high or low I retest. If they are fairly close (with in 10 points) I take it for what it is. If they are grossly different I test for a 3rd time. Generally it is not a big issue.

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