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By the signing of A.J. Burnett and C.C. Sabathia do you think the Yankees have a shot at making the playoffs?

What do you think? And do you think the Yankees need to sign anyone else this season?

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    Yes, they should make the playoffs. As I answered in another question, with the signing of Burnett and Sabathia, the Yankees have a solid rotation and, if their bats come through, that should be enough to get them deep into the playoffs. Over the last few years, the Yankees problems have not been at the plate, but on the mound. And, with their offense, the Yanks have not needed great pitching, but merely solid pitching to make a good run.

    There are, though, unlike previous years, some questions on offense. They need, for instance, Xavier Nady to play more like he did in Pittsburgh (.330, 13 homers, 57 RBIs in 89 games and 327 at bats) than he did in New York (.268, 12 homers, 40 RBIs in 59 games and 228 at bats). They also need him to remain healthy. Last year was the most games he played in a season since he appeared in 130 games for the New York Mets and Pirates in 2006. Also, coming back from injury are Jorge Posada and Hideki Matsui. Matsui didn't miss a game during his first three years, but played only 93 games last year and 51 games in 2006. If he can play 143 games, like he did in 2007, he would be a major contributor.

    Another major question mark is Nick Swisher. While he hit 24 homers last year, he batted only .219 and drove in 69 runs. Robinson Cano hit just .271 last year and needs to return to his 2006 form (.342) or 2007 form (.306). And, in the outfield, the Yankees will turn centerfield over to Brett Gardner, who has only 127 career at bats, which is two at bats more than the maximum a player can enter a season with and still qualify for Rookie of the Year.

    If the majority of these questions can be answered, the Yankees offense should be good again. Johnny Damon and Derek Jeter should both have consistent years at the top of the order, setting the table for A Rod, who should have another excellent season.

    Sabathia, Burnett and Wang are all excellent 2/3 starters, but none of these three really excites me about being the staff ace. Sabathia has never really lit up the league until last year. He is good for 15-to-20 wins and an ERA around 3.50 to 4.00. The staff ace should be good for 18-to-22 wins and an ERA around 3.00. So Sabathia is a good number two/three guy in the order, but is being asked to be the ace. Burnett had good numbers last year, but was only 39-36 in the previous six years. Over the last seven years, he has only two seasons of over 200+ innings. Again, a nice two/three guy in the rotation, but not a staff ace. Wang is a nice pitcher, but relies on control, striking out 4.02 batters per nine innings over his career. This needs to be in the 6/7 range for a staff ace who is a control pitcher. So, you have a collection of solid pitchers, but no aces, at the top of the order.

    Hughes and Chamberlain both failed in their stints in the starting rotation last year, but should have less pressure on them at the bottom of the rotation. If they can live up to their potential -- and their potential is being an ace pitcher, a top of the rotation starter -- then this staff has a nice chance of being a very good pitching rotation. However, as noted, they both failed in their auditions last year and combined have about 25 starts. So, even if they do ok, look for some inconsistencies from them.

    So, the Yankees staff is far from invincible, but should be solid at the top and workable at the bottom of the rotation. And, if the Yanks can answer their questions on offense, they don't need five aces in the rotation -- a solid staff could get them back to the World Series, understanding that anything can happen in a playoff series.

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    They will make the playoffs this year, but I don't see them going far. The Yankees should get at least the Wild Card, but they may finish just ahead of the Red Sox in the AL East. But just those 2 pitchers won't be enough for them to succeed in the playoffs, especially because C.C. would choke under the pressure of the playoffs in New York.

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    No once again they will finish third because they dont have team chemistry. A-Rod isnt a clutch player. Trading for Cameron gives them another guy who strikes out ALOT. Pettite was let go and wont be returning. Abrue same thing. They may have a good 4 pitchers but no Bull pen and that means either complete games or late inning nightmares. OK and what does that mean to NY fans??? They will boo the crap out of them and that in return will make CC and AJ not care. Yankees have to get a CF and a 1B if Cano doesnt start hitting your in more trouble. Jorge is old and wearing down same as Piaza did.

    TB is young and only getting better they dont need to add players they allready have a very deadly team and all theyve done is gain confidence and experience.

    Boston has improved there bull pen ALOT enough that they can pull there starters after 6 or 7 innings and get to Paps no problem. Now if they sign Tex now Yanks have even more problems now they have to try and go through a healthy Lowell a MVP in Pedroia and pappy and a CF who can fly. Yanks have noone who can fly its either hit for power or NOTHING. Boston and TB play small ball and that is what wins.

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    A few thoughts on the Yankees:

    1. Sigh

    2. They WILL sign someone else of importance, undoubtedly.

    3. The offense still needs major help...Swisher is not the savior. He's an on-base guy with power, but he hasn't been a true RBI threat in his career. The rest of the offense is aging rapidly (see: Jeter, Posada, Damon, Abreu).

    4. The Yankees will make the playoffs only if they're young pitchers (Hughes, Kennedy) provide actual depth, and the offense is adequate enough.

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    I don't doubt that they'll make the playoffs...I just question how well they'll fare in the playoffs. I remember back in 2007 when the Sox played the Indians in the ALCS, and everytime Sabathia pitched he got touched up for 8 runs in the first game and like 4 or 5 runs in Game 5. He's a postseason choke, so I'm not worried about facing him in the playoffs.

    I'm just worried about facing the Yankees in the regular season (I always am; no matter how badly the Yankees are doing, they always seem to split the games they play with us).

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    Yes they seem to have a very Solid pitching rotation





    ???? Pettit i think

    You can't to much better then that so i don't think the Yanks have to worry about starting pitching or offense this is going to ba a great year for the AL East Rays,Sox,Yanks all amazing teams and are all equally talented

    The only think the Bombers have to worry about is if A.J can stay healthy which has been a problem in the past.

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    I can understand the fans thinking the Yankees 'are going' to the playoffs, the whole organization is filled with idiots. They haven't learned that you cannot buy a championship in MLB. The Yankees will choke once again. I love it when the baseball gods prove them wrong.

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    The yanks have to be a favorite with these two signing. Yes Burnett is injury prone, but he had a good season last year, and the best stat of all is he is 5-0 lifetime against the red sox. CC may have choked the past two years in the postseason, but look who he was playing for, the indians and brewers. The yanks lineup is better and can score runs. The yanks may need to sign a decent bat. Tex would be too much money, although worth it but they just spent near 250,000 on 2 players and adding Tex would move them closer to the half million mark. Im thinking Adam Dunn, high on strikeouts, but hits homers and drives in 100+.

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    I see them defilitly haveing a shot.CC pitched so good for Milwaukee.Who lets face it is only above medicore.Burnett can pitch but the injury bug has a chance to hit.I hear they are also going after injury prone Ben Sheets maybe they are hoping between him and AJ they can get a full season out of em.If they both play great it will be unbelievable.It is funny as well when they outbid the Brewers for CC then went and traded cf with them and asked the brewers to pay most of Cameron salery.Penny wise and pound foolish.

  • They'll probably make the playoffs but I don't know how far they'll go. Usually CC Sabathia does well in the regular season but not so hot in the playoffs. I am hoping they won't do well and won't go to the World Series. I hope they don't get another really good player.

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