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Iva-c801 alpine picture off for your safety problem?

How do I get rid of the screen of my aux for my head unit alpine iva-c801 that says picture for your safety? Please HELP!

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    try this:

    should work with your situation.

    here is most of the link:


    BASIC TOOLS & MATERIALS: Side cutter or wire stripper, About 10’ of wire (color(s) of your choice), shrink wrap or (ghetto electric tape), solder iron & materials, 2 x SPST switches 10amp, small pliers, and beer.



    Model IVA-D310 may apply to other models.

    Since the advent and prevalence of head unit monitors, more audio/stereo manufacturers are incorporating increasingly sophisticated schemes to prevent users from viewing the monitors while their vehicle is in motion. For obvious reasons, as well as, laws in most states, there is a considerable safety issue with regards to this subject. I will not go into that here.

    I will not cover any previous safety schemes, only that of the ALPINE IVA-310. Alpine currently employs a picture prevention scheme that utilizes multiple signals of DC power and chassis ground. Alpine may also incorporates voltage or load sensitivity, signal duration, and signal sequence too. Pacific Accessory Corporation (PAC) makes a bypass trigger module called the PAC TR-7, preprogramed specifically for Alpine units. Problem is that not all TR-7 triggers work properly due to some reason or another; voltage spikes, load resistance, and pulse duration are some of the problems sometimes associated with the use of the trigger module. I have personally gone through several PAC triggers, noise filers, and load resistors which have lead me to devise my own scheme to defeat the picture safety bypass feature.

    HOW IT WORKS BASICS: The Alpine picture defeat scheme works on a few simple principals.

    1. Foot brake wire = DC current (+12v)

    2. Parking brake wire = chassis ground.

    3. Signal duration

    4. Voltage or load resistance.


    Place vehicle in park and…

    Step 1. Engage Foot brake, keep foot brake pedal depressed.

    Step 2. Engage Parking brake.

    Step 3. Disengage Parking brake.

    Step 4. Engage Parking brake again.

    Step 5. Disengage Foot brake.

    Simple Translation:

    Step 1. +12vdc (FOOT PEDAL WIRE)

    Step 2. Ground (PARKING BRAKE WIRE)

    Step 3. No signal (PARKING BRAKE WIRE)

    Step 4. Ground (PARKING BRAKE WIRE)

    Step 5. No signal (FOOT PEDAL WIRE)

    SOLVES ISSUE: “PICTURE OFF FOR YOUR SAFETY” while vehicle is in motion. You may locate your manual bypass trigger anywhere you wish, I just happened to install mine in my fuse box cover.

    1. Choose Manual trigger location and install both SPST switches temporarily for fitment.

    2. Locate Foot brake and Parking brake wires from Alpine wire harness, splice in correct length of wires needed to reach location of switches.

    3. Measure, cut, and splice/connect 2 appropriate lengths of wire, from switch to chassis ground, from switch to +12vdc constant (choose low amp circuit).

    4. Solder and shrink wrap all four wires to appropriate switches. Foot brake wire to switch to +12vcd, Parking brake wire to switch to chassis ground. (since I used same color wire for project, I used different color shrink wrap to identify wiring scheme)

    Manual Trigger Bypass Procedure: (Switch orientation simplifies procedure.)

    Depending on the orientation of your switches, lets say vertical, up = off. (like mine)

    Step 1. both up

    Step 2. left down, left up, left down, left up

    Step 3. right down

    That’s it. You should be able to view the monitor until you attempt to restart your vehicle, then you will have to evoke the manual trigger bypass procedure again.

    Only con with using this system is that the picture will always be in defeat mode. If you want to watch a DVD or access advance set up feature of the Alpine HU, you must evoke the manual trigger bypass procedure.

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    Alpine X7hd

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    as the guy said above me the pac tr7 is the answer to your problems

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