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Reverse phone number search that is totally free?

For two years we have been receiving phone calls and when we answer, no one appears on the line. When we call back the number it just rings and rings..

We think it is a phone booth but are unsure. We have tried every reverse "Free" site available to obtain the owner or address, but every site wants money and then they won't guarantee all of the info. Does anyone know of a totally FREE site to find out this information? By the way, when you look it up on white pages.com it will give you a vicinity and we have gone to every phone booth in the area and no luck... Please help....Here is the number: 858-483-6009

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    The number is a landline number and is owned by Pacific Bell, an RBOC (Regional Bell Operating Company. One of the regional companies formed when AT&T got out of the local telephone business. Each RBOC (or "baby bell") owns a number of the former "Bell Operating Companies". The Bell Operating Companies are the traditional local phone companies (pre-1984), except where one’s service is from an "Independent" (non bell) telephone company or a CLEC. Due to their former association with the Bell System RBOCs are regulated by the FCC differently than are independent Telcos. In many cases the Bell Operating Company structure is no longer used.) and is located in Pacific Beach, CA. That is probably the most information you will get for free

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    Source(s): Reverse Phone Number Lookup : http://PhoneSearchGo.oruty.com/?TujD
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    4 years ago

    Get a No Cost Phone Number Scan at https://bitly.im/aL7DZ

    Its a good way to start. The place lets you to do a no cost phone scan simply to find out if any telephone data is there. This basic alalysis is done without cost. For a full detailed report its a modest payment.

    Here's Reverse / Whose Number Lookup page. If you're talking about cell phones, you usually have to pay for that. I've had pretty good luck just using Google a phone number to find out who's calling. If you are researching a quantity of numbers, though, I suppose, you might want a service. I can't imagine why the average person would need to research a quantity of numbers, though, so I assume this is business-related, and it then seems only fair that you pay for a service. But maybe it's not.

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    It takes eight seconds for the YAnswers page to load for me to be able to click on the [add your answer] box. does this mean my laptop is slow?

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    Im not sure if this will work for you or not but try www.anywho.com and then click of reverse lookup

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