Bailouts, Senate seat for sale and a $50 billion Pyramid, what`s going on in this country?


I hear your economic pain, I have it too. But really, a $50 billion dollar pyramid? This is a lot more than greed and "business" as usual. This an attack on the economic survival of our country. The terrorist attacks on Sept. 11,2001 caused us, as a nation, a very high emotional cost, but I don`t believe the financial loss was over $50 billion, someone please correct me if I`m wrong on this issue. $50 billion is a lot more than the UAW is asking for right now. This is a very gross crime and the perp. should get a life sentence without possibility of parole or clemency, just my opinion.

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With all due respect Eric W, you are entitled to your opinion, but I don`t have to agree with all that you say. If I had my way I myself would do some of the torturing of those pigs, may God forgive them for the evil they have done and will continue to do if given the chance. Has anyone in your family been harmed or killed by those thugs? Your loved ones been in mortal danger because of the actions of terrorists? Don`t lecture about how terrorist prisoners should be treated like common criminals, believe me they are not. Mind you that the so called torture that many like you complain about is nothing more than a garden walk when you compare it to what our families, friends and sodiers have had to endure on the other side of "your coin". Spare me your "poor terrorist" crap, we are all responsible for our actions and if you don`t like the time then don`t do the crime.

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    I tell you what's going on it's a bunch of rich greedy people with no morals that are running our country. We are in some big trouble and the poor people have no say so. God has got to help us now. Have a blessed day.

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    This country has been declining in all phases of government for a long time, and just recently this has culminated with the worst President in the history of the US.

    Senate seat for sale? It goes on all of the time, all sorts of appointments and political jobs are traded like baseball cards in Washington, and special interests and cronies are the ones who benefit these days, not the average American.

    Look at the deals with Bush/Cheney and Haliburton, to the tune of about $ 100,000,000,000. Bush has held prisoners on foreign soil without due process and some prisoners were tortured; that's no secret.

    Yet noone in Congress has the integrity to call for his impeachment, nor investigation into the obvious criminal tactics.

    We don't have a government of, by and for the people anymore.

    We have a government of the government, by the government and for the government---and their cronies.

    The American people only matter as an endless source of money for the politicians to give away to their cronies and squander.

    Until the voters wise up and quit electing and reelecting these jerks, it won't change.

    But there's a ray of hope on the horizon---

    Bush is the disease; Obama is hopefully the cure.

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    the country as we know it (or at least think of it) is being flushed down the toilet and being controlled 100% by the 1% born into power and money. Its a sad state of affairs, and even sadder that we're allowing it to happen

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    Business as usual.

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    1 decade ago

    $50 billion pyramid?

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    1 decade ago

    the same crap that has been going on for decades

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