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What are some really challenging dares?

I need some dares that would be pretty embarrassing for some people to do, i want a mixture of clean and dirty dares :).

It's for a sleep over I'm having in two weeks, there will be four girls and two guys.

please help me out or give me some good websites that have good dares.

thank you:)

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    Dare a guy to choose one of the girls that is playing truth or dare. When the guy chooses the girl, then the dare occurs. The dare is that the guy must switch clothes including underwear with the girl that he chose. He has to wear that outfit until he goes to sleep, then he has to put whatever the girl would have worn to sleep on and sleep in that outfit. Make sure you get pics and post them please.

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    Challenging Dares

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    -walk a circle around the house in your underwear...

    -kissing (is a basic one)

    -dare them to say the truth XD

    -open the window and scream something embarrasing out the window..

    -smash a egg on the persons head

    -wear a stupid hat on the next schoolday

    -to not let the person do the thing s/he is addicted to for a week

    (like 1 week no shopping/gaming/go out)

    -to write something with a marker on his/her neck(just below the cloth)

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    Depends how dirtyy:]

    Me and my friends are like WAY.

    We do like


    Make somone lick whipcream off someones stomach above their undies.

    Make someone wear underwear outside of pants,

    Have a guy pick a girl and wear her bra,

    Have some one flash cars:P

    Pretend to be a stripper,


    And clean but fun ones...

    Kiss a dog:]!

    Make a nasty drink thingg like mustard and kechup :P

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    dare one to jump off a cliff and another to wait at the bottom with a pitchfork

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    fake body shots. lol.

    um, streaking, thats always interesting

    passing the mint/candy via kissing

    eating some really nasty mixture made from the most vile contents of your fridge/freezer

    Tabasco shots.

    um.... hope that helps sounds really fun!

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    well here is a website full of dares

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    dare someone to chop off/shave their hair.. preferably a girl

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    Okay... I dare you not to be a A** and have dirty or stupid dare. No, wait... I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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    get a guy to lick a girls tummy or vise versa.

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