Can I get a waiver from PFC to SPC even though I've been on profile for over a year?

I've been a PFC from probably 3 years now. I haven't been able to pass my PT test because of my run. I figure out I had a huge problem with my ankle, and since then I've been to Physical Therapy, and had surgery and am now recovering, but like I said, I've been a PFC forever!!. People have told me that I'm flagged because I haven't had a current PT test for a while. Is there any other way I can get a waiver? By the way I'm in the reserves.


It would be great to do an alternate event if I could do anything at all. I'm on a dead man's profile, and the Doctor says I will get a permanent profile when I'm all recovered, but I'm definetly not allowed to run anymore. I thought that because it was up to the commander to promote you, that maybe they could promote me in spite of the profile situation.

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    The rules in the reserves are a little different than active duty, so you should get with your chain of command about it. If you are not overweight and you aren't flagged for any reason then you should be able to get promoted eventually. Look at your DA 3349 and see what it has checked in blocks 6 (Alternate APFT) and 7. If it is all "nos" in each column then you cannot take an alternate event. There are several alternate events available for you to take if there is one that has a "yes." If you haven't passed an APFT since before you got your profile that would explain an APFT flag but you should discuss doing an alternate event with your profile. A "dead man's profile" usually has at least one alternate event availavle for you to do and as long as you can still do push-ups and situps you should be able to do something to take an APFT.

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    You may be able to take an alternative to the run if you have a profile. My best friend in my guard unit has the same problem, he has been a PFC since 2006 and will remain one until he finally passes his pt test which sucks .. for him

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    We had a worthless fatbody Marine in my unit who was a LCpl for about 4 years because he couldn't pass his PT test. He didn't have anything wrong with him, he was just lazy and out of shape. They promoted him to Cpl. finally using college credits he had or something. In my opinion, he should have been kicked out, but in your case they could do something for you since you had problems with your ankle.

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    Try and do an alternate event instead of the run. You can bike or swim for X amount of miles instead of running if your profile says you cannot run.

    Alternates include:

    2.5 mile walk

    800 Yd Swim

    6.2 mile bik

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    Suck it up and pass the PT test or learn to live with the pay.

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    You might have to see the Medical Review Board or someone in HRC.

    You might be able to get a recommendation from your unit commander as well.

    Good luck!

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