Fashion: East Coast vs West Coast?

To me I've only briefly sampled west coast/CA, but have enough experience from the suburbs and manhattan, and wanted to hear from you guys what the differences are culturally,fashion wise, lifestyles wise, education wise, expectation wise, pace wise between the places?

Personally from my experience, suburbia on the east coast is cookie-cutter, more reserved, education/work oriented for the most part, but surprisingly closed-minded, conformist, and not open to change. The whole abercrombie thing, hollister,etc. It's actually like a mini-wannabee LA.

Manhattan on the other hand, if you're an Abercrombie flake, or your aspiration in life is to look cool or what you did on your college spring break, you'll get eaten alive and won't make it. It's shark central, and busy, and it seems to be faced paced/business wise, but also alot more stuck up, fashion-forward, tolerant, accepting, "anything goes," and also values education, and constant bettering yourself, competition, opening your horizons, etc. It's like two different worlds.

In Manhattan people don't judge you, there are so many people, they're there to get what they wan't and have fun doing it, there are also dreams and even if people don't make it, you're right in the middle of one of the most happening spots ever.

Then as soon as you step into suburbia NJ and Long Island, etc, you get backwardness, the hick element arises, the homophobia, and the repression arises too,and it's unfortunate,but that's what I see. The intolerance, conservatives who desperately want to cling onto their old-school ways and small town judgemental ideals. It's just crazy and I personally hate it, but at least it's not as competitive and you can have some peace and be left alone from the "Big City."

NYC is all about being sophisticated, well-off, smart, but unfortunately, it's also a sociopath's dream because it seems to have a "Game" element to it. Everyone puts on a front and plays a game.

The suburbs at least offer something more real, and to raise families wtih kids.

Now, LA..west coast is a totally different ballpark.

Over there, the people really don't seem to give a sh9t about anyone or anything but themselves, and are alot more evil and use people and all about image, fashion, and phoneniness, and pretending like they're famous or being in the business. They're also alot more stupid over there and non-intelligent, ageist, and obsessed with themselves. People seem to have alot more issues, and go psycho over there, and god only knows what else. It has its positives, it also has its car culture, and people seem to obsess over everything from hair to makeup to god knows, and there's the whole sexual freedom aspect to it, but it seems like a very superficial and slutty place. Also a non-serious place. To a large degree.

In San Francisco they have a "national Margaret Cho day."

I that REALLY necessary? (as cool as that lady is?)

I mean we have starving people here.

To me, NYC is about being real and being fierce, where NJ and the rest of the suburbs have those elements but are more watered down and kind of pathetic really in their attempt to emulate the big city and their superiors, but always falling short,

whereas the west coast is faking it till you make it or don't, but faking it all the way, and being superficial/shallow/godless/lost and loving it.

But fashion wise, the west seems to be more about color/anything goes/

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  • HanZ
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    1 decade ago
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    agree with the first poster, I'm from CT, we do have our reserved towns like Darien, but we have tons of liberal towns around here, Greenwich, Stamford, Yonker, New Rochelle, Norwalk, and Westport. As for LI, there are tons of crazy long islanders who are liberal minded hippies. As far as fashion goes, we actually have sense, most of my friends do not wear abercrombie and hollister after high school.

    trust me the tristate area is far too sophisticated than you can comprehend during your short stay here Manhattan and Jersey Suburbia

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1st of all, Manhattan is not the only part of NYC

    but East Coast fashion is way better, we don't wear that Abercombie crap unless it's to work out or something simple, we take fashion seriously here in the tri state region NY/NJ/CT

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