What are some examples of an editorial?

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please help i have no idea what an editorial is and i have to write one for journalsim
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An editorial is an article where the writer tries to give off an opinion about a topic, backing it up by researched facts and interview quotes.

Some topics that most people would find interesting and something people would like to know more about would be:

The Nutritional Value of School Lunches Should Be Improved
BACKGROUND: Most school lunches don't conform to nutritional guidelines. Typically, they're way too high in fat and salt. The poor quality also leads to obesity, a major and growing national problem. Schools that serve (or have machines that sell) sugared sodas are even worse--each has hundreds of empty calories.

School Hours Should Be Adjusted So That School Begins Later
BACKGROUND: There's a lot of research showing that kids--especially teenagers--need more sleep, and that their sleep rhythms make it very difficult to get up so early in the morning. There are big efforts in different parts of the United States to adjust the starting school time. See, for example, http://www.sleepinfairfax.org/

Why to donate blood, or why not to


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