Can someone please send a link where I can find complaints filed against lawyers?

This is for the state of Florida. Please do not send me the website for the Florida bar unless you are sending me straight to a link where I can locate complaints filed. I've already searched all over and can't find anything. And please don't send any phone numbers to call.


To the poster "Common", the link you sent doesn't work. Please copy and paste the link without the parentheses before it.

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    As some of the other poster said, no state maintains a log of all the complaints made against any individual attorney.

    That being said, you CAN find out if an attorney has ever been subjected to discipline - as in a complaint was made, investigated and the attorney was found to be at fault. To find out, you would pull the particular attorney's name up ( At the bottom of the screen, there's a section where it says "10 Year Disciplinary History". That will show any discipline the attorney has been subjected to, and what the reason was.

    Edit: just go back to the Florida Bar website. On the front page, click on the "Member Directory" link. You can plug in any attorney's name and it will pull up their information, including that "10 Year Disciplinary History" at the bottom.

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    While the state bar associations or the governing bodies for attorneys in each state do maintain a file for complaints filed against attorneys, they are not available on line. I don't even think you can get copies of them unless there is an actual hearing and disbarment action.

    Why do you want them anyway?

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    If you are looking for an online data base listing all complaints logged against a lawyer? I do not believe one exist,

    People are often mistaken that a state bar association is the final arbitrator over attorney ethics, it’s the state supreme court attorney ethics department is the final say, so may check with them

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    There isn't one, in florida or anywhere else. That's not public domain any more than the lawyers will let it be! :)

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