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Japanese - Can someone tell me what the title of this article is in English and what the author's name is?

I am using this article, but I can't read the kanji for his name, and then I'm not really sure how to translate the title. I had a friend tell me what it meant but I have to cite it. Please answer!

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    First of all, it doesn't mention the author's name. It only shows 産経新聞 - Sankyou Shinbun(Sankyou newspaper). As long as I know Japanese papers don't put reporters or authors' names on them.

    The tile says:

    "ネットいじめ"対応マニュアル作成  文化省、年内にも配布

    ”Netto ijime" taiou manyual saisei bunka shou, nennai nimo haifu

    "Internet Bullying", the dealing(or management) instruction manuel has been drawn up. Cultural Government Department will distribute the copies by the end of the year.

    PS You can change this sentences to be more like newspaper title.

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