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I am looking for an agent which can help my daughter studying in Singapore.

Thank you very much!


She is just 15years old by November. Study F.3 with IB course.

Singapore is near HK and can provide good study atmosphere.

I am afraid that she is lack of motivation in studying . I am looking for IB course for her. Please let me know your expert advice. Thanks!

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    I know nothing about agents, but I do know enough about public schools in Singapore to help you with this. How old is your daughter? How good is her studies? What kind of programme are you looking for, and why do you want to come to Singapore?

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    As I said, I am more familiar with the public schools in Singapore rather than the private / international schools. That said, there is indeed a public school in Singapore that offers IB. That school is Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), it offers a through-train programme that leads to an IB diploma. If you interested in their course, you will have to wait until your daughter has completed her 4th year in the IB programme - because their programme do not take in girls before Year 5.

    You can take a look at their website:

    In terms of International Schools, there are 13 that offers IB diploma. Check them out here:

    The more reputable ones among locals include United World College, Hwa Chong International School, ACS (International), etc.

    However, if you are interested in taking up the Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) programme (international schools definitely not eligible), your daughter might be eligible for the following scholarship:

    Ministry of Education Hong Kong Scholarship:

    It is a no-frills scholarship, in which the Singapore government will pay for all school fees and related fees, hostel accommodation, food, 1x return air ticket, and they will also pay your daughter a pretty good annual allowance. When I was a scholar from 2000 - 2003, the rate was S$2200 a year if you require free hostel accommodation, and if you don't, S$3600 a year.

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