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由於工作的關係, 我急著需要了解747-400或相關大型飛機起落架

的機構設計圖, 目的是要建立數值運算的模型, 我在網路上或是

學術期刊找了好久都沒有找到這一類的資料, 不知道有沒有人能夠提供我一些搜尋的方向或是看哪本書?



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  • Mason
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    Landing Gear Integration in Aircraft Conceptual Design

    by Sonny T. Chai and William H. Mason

    MAD Center Report: MAD 96-09-01, September 1996

    Supported by NASA Ames Research Center under Grant NAG-2-919

    Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design Center for Advanced Vehicles

    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Blacksburg, Virginia, 24061-0203

    The body and appendices are avialble individually:

    Chapter 1: Introduction (pdf, 33k)

    Chapter 2: Aircraft Center of Gravity (pdf, 33k) (Revised April 1, 1997)

    Chapter 3: Landing Gear Concept Selection (pdf, 116k)

    Chapter 4: Tires, Wheels, and Brakes (pdf, 1400k) (Revised April 1, 1997)

    Chapter 5: Shock Absorber Design (pdf, 710k) (Revised April 1, 1997)

    Chapter 6: Kinematics (pdf, 149k)

    Chapter 7: Aircraft Flotation Analysis (pdf, 83k) (Revised April 1, 1997)

    Chapter 8: Weight Estimation (pdf, 990k) (Revised April 1, 1997)

    Chapter 9: Analysis Package (pdf, 33k)

    Chapter 10: Parametric Studies (pdf, 66k)

    Chapter 11: Costs (pdf, 17k)

    Chapter 12: Future Considerations (pdf, 17k)

    Chapter 13: Conclusions (pdf, 17k)

    References (pdf, 17k)

    Appendix A: Industry Survey (pdf, 33k)

    Appendix B: Structural Analysis (pdf, 33k)

    Appendix C: Bibliography (pdf, 33k)

    Appendix D: Aircraft Tire Database (updated Sept. 24, 1997, pdf: 18k)

    Appendix E: Analysis Package User's Manual (pdf, 33k)


    用GOOGLE搜尋"landing gear design" 第一個結果就有上面的文章!

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    也可以看看這一篇 ~

    A380 Landing Gear and Systems – The feet of the Plane ( 39 pages )


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    Source(s): 呵呵.當然是我啦
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