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Laser cutting (beam) featuring instantaneously heating characteristic and good light collecting ability is good at sealing the wiper edge while cutting, so the wiper edge is sealed very well.

Laser cutting suits to high density wipers only because the wiper edge will agglomerate after being sealed by instantaneous heat. If the fabric count is not high enough, the fabric will seriously snag.



不好意思請問一下為什麼不能用will seriously snag 和will agglomerate 而是用will be seriously snaged 和will be agglomerated 呢?

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    Laser cutting features focusing beam and instantaneously heating characteristics , which with excellent sealing loose cloth edge function while cutting, so the wiper edge will be sealed very well.

    Laser cutting is suitable for high density wipers only, otherwise the wiper edge will be agglomerated when being sealed by instantaneous heat, if the fabric’s density is not high enough, it will be seriously snaged.

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