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Dear Baby:












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    Since I don't want to caus, e any inconvenience for you and your family, I decided to leave our house in as soon as possible. You have already done enough for me, I don't want to see any conflicts between you and your family that were caused by me; this is the last thing I would want to see.

    Being your girlfriend and the woman you've loved the most, this is the only thing I can do. You've handled many things alone and kept quite about them, I don't want my baby to face more things anymore. Although we weren't together for a long time, but I can truly fee your emotions when you are happy and said. Even though I didn't express it...but my hear really does hurt a lot!

    As long as our hearts are still tied on to each other, it's enough for me to face all the obstacles in the future! Although my heart still hurts, time will enable me to get back on track eventually, because I've always been brave.

    Also, I might not return back to Taichung's house immediately, this will only make the mental burden that exists between us more serious. My friends had gotten me settled in Taoyuan with a place to stay at already. If you would still like to...I can still be by yourside on Saturdays and Sundays, no matter where you're heading, I would go with you! As with problems with me finding a job, please don't worry about it, I'm going to find a part-time job first, so hopefullyliving expenses won't be a problem. Please don't worry about me

    Baby I'm only leaving for a couple of months, as long as you still remember what you've promised me, that you will come and take me with you one day, then I'm satisfied

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    抱歉我整個就是打太快 有些typo我更正一下


    Since I don't want to cause any inconvenience for you and your family, I decided to move out of our house as soon as possible.

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    but I can truly feel your emotions whenever you are happy or sad. Even though I didn't express heart does hurt a lot!


    this will only make the mental burden that exists between my mom and I more serious.

    hopefully living expenses *

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    The harassment of you and your family for doing not cause, I decide to move to leave the house that belongs to us by quickest time, for the sake of I you have already done much more sufficiently, don't need to for the sake of the family of me and you anily rub again and this is that I doesn't want to see!

    The girl friend who is you is your woman of favourite....I am only can do of only have this just!A lot of things you are one personal silent acceptance, I don't want to let my baby face more things, although together soon, your loving, anger, saddness, and happiness my cores all induced of come out, although don't say....But my core is very painful!

    Want our cores only still each other of in the core, be good enough to let I face more things!Although the core is still very painful,time will make me be calm of, because I have been very brave.

    Still having me should not return to Taichung house first, will make my mama and my mental stress aggravated like this, my good friends have already found good abode for me in Taoyuan, if you would like to....I still will accompany by the side of your body on Saturday day, whether you have to go anyplace or not, I would like to!Still have the part of work also don't worry first, I will find P.T first to do and the life should not has a problem, so ask you to trust!

    Baby I only leave for a few months, as long as you also remember to once promise me, the one day there will will return to you to my connecting and I am fully satisfied!

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