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    十六歲那年,馬友友在一個音樂夏令營中結識了長他兩歲的美國女孩吉兒。 經過七年的愛情長跑,在他二十三歲的那年結婚,明(一九七八)年他們就要 慶祝結婚十週年了。 聊起婚姻,馬友友作勢摸摸下巴說:「老了,鬍子這麼長了!我和吉兒現在 已不必說話,看一眼就知道對方在想什麼了!」他說,現在與吉兒通電話,彼 此只需「嘆氣」就好了。 吉兒曾在德國念書,也一度在哈佛任教,先後生下四歲的尼可萊斯和兩歲 的愛彌麗之後,巳在家相夫教子、不再工作。 友友說:「妳知道弄兩個孩子有多累!我又常不在家,吉兒要當母親又要當 父親,真難為她了!」 讓不讓孩子學音樂? 「我教他們開車,教他們吃飯。但不教音樂,如果他們有意願就學,沒有 就算了,音樂只是生活的一部分!」

    16 year old of that year, Ma Youyou knew in a music summer training camp has been long he two year-old American girl lucky. After seven year love long-distance race, in he 23 year-old that year marriage, bright (1978) the year they must celebrate the marriage tenth anniversary.

    Chatted the marriage, Ma Youyou strikes an attitude to trace the chin saying:“has been old, the beard was such long! I and lucky have not needed to speak now, looked that knew opposite party was thinking anything!”He said that now and lucky telephones, each other only needed “sighs” is good. Lucky once studied in Germany, also once taught in Harvard, gives birth to four year-old Nike Rice after successively and two year-old love more Li, the sixth branch in the home helping the husband godchild, no longer works. The friend friend said: “you knew that makes two children to have tired! I often am not also at the home, lucky must work as the mother must work as the father, pressed her really!” Lets the child study music? “I teach them to drive, teach them to eat meal. But does not teach music, if they have the wish to go to school, did not have, music was only a life part!” .

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