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誰有看過落葉歸根(falling laves)英文小說?

我需要落葉歸根的英文大意 是一本英文小說 有看過者請幫忙一下 大約150-200字左右 內容不需太複雜 簡簡單就可以咯~




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    Adeline Yen Mah

    This is a book about Adeline herself.

    At her age of China gone through a huge and difficult change

    foot-binding,WWII Red guard, revolution, Mao's death

    All of her life she tries to make her parents proud of her

    all she cared was nothing about their parents' will

    she didn't feel upset when she got nothing in the will

    that's a sadness she was nothing to her step mother after all

    and that's the only thing she hurt

    every person has their own special people in their minds

    Aunt Baba is Adeline's, for sure

    "Her only worry was for the loved ones she must leave behind.

    She wanted to give me strength after all my hurt.

    I lay on the bed next to her thin, weak body...

    the way I used to as a child when I could not sleep.

    She touched my hair gently and told me stories. Day after day, as I sat beside her,

    I believed that my presence would help her along her final journey.

    I thought about the eighty-nine years of her life, and realized

    how wise my mother had been to give me to the care of my wonderful aunt.

    In her quiet way, she had guided me to independence.

    Aunt Baba was not angry about the difficulties she had suffered.

    Love, kindness and humour never left her."

    Life had come full circle. Fallinf leavesreturn to their roots.

    Adeline's words are warm and attractive

    the last paragraph i wrote above quite stomp on my heart

    a deeply feeling hard to describe

    maybe it's lost and kind of sadness and warmth

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