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    I grow in a happy family, father looks like a big naughty friend, always bring everybody and laugh heartily in humorous speech, mother is a piece of gentle helping the will worker kindly, cheer on inflating for us behind, bring happy motive power to family, and the eldest brother has great ambitions, think as an educationist, the second elder brother has calm heads, want to become the computer engineer terribly, and I want to become and bring children to laugh heartily, one No. accompany kindergarten Mr. that they grew up.

    I like the outdoor activity very much, often enjoy the scenery outside the river with family by bike, or follow the friend and travel, go to a lot of places of Taiwan to leave the footprint, I liking sports, will transport in water, until vacation, will go to the swimming pool to swim with the friend even more. Not merely like this, in fine arts, more interested, like quiet completion handicrafts, each of works has value of fine arts very much. And father is a cook, he has taught me the knowledge about culinary skill, how to cook the delicious cooked food. All these become one of the activities that I like.

    In addition, while having a holiday alone, I will go out and have a look at the film, stroll around the department store, or go to the park to take a walk, will enter inside while passing the practice kindergarten, see my students, study happily with them, dance. It is one of the specialities that I am good at too to tell a story, from their response, can feel how lovely their heart is, have embraced and become the encouragement way that I like most too. Table delicacies make me so fond that will not let out of one's hand. Each pastry. I will have a taste of a delicacy once in food,

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  • I grow in a joyful family, daddy look like a mischievous big friend, always takes to everybody by the humorous spoken language to laugh heartily, mother is the gentle Ciji volunteer, refuels in behind for us inflates, brings the happy driving force to the family, but eldest brother has the great ambition, wants to work as an educationalist, two elder brother has the calm brains, wants to become fierce computer engineer, but I want to become take to the child to laugh heartily, a group accompanies preschool teacher who they grow. I like the outdoors very much the activity, rides the bicycle with the family member to appreciate outside frequently the river the scenery, or is going out the travel with the friend, leaves behind the trail to Taiwan's many places, affection movement I, will be Shui Zhongyun, when to holiday, will go to the swimming pool swimming with the friend. Not only so, in the fine arts aspect, has the interest, likes completing the handicrafts peacefully, each work very much has the fine arts value. But daddy is a chef, he has taught my related kitchen skill knowledge, how to cook the delicacy cooked food. These become one which of active I like.

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    Moreover, has a vacation alone a person of time,I will go out have a look at the movie,

    will stroll the Department store, or will go to the park to take a walk,

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    will stroll the Department store, or will go to the park to take a walk, when pass through the practice preschool, but also go inside , have a look with my students, study happily together with them, dances with them.

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    Tells the story is also one of my adept specialties, from theirs response, may feel their innermost feelings are how lovable, the hug also became me most to like encouraging the way.

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    The good food lets me be unable to put down. Each dessert, each Food I will eat them more than one time, eating the thing can be able to let me eliminate the pressure, to obtain satisfies.

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