How many you think it is time for America and Europe to reconsider their immigration policies?

As we know American, European, and Asian markets have fallen tremendously the past few months. We also know that unemployment and Europe is increasing and that economic disparities are causing political unrest as shown in Greece and France. How many of you feel that it is time for Europe and America to enforce stricter immigration laws and perhaps stop immigration altogether until better economic times. Both Europe and America have become overpopulated with illegal and legal immigrants from third world countries. Since the amount of jobs for natural born citizens is decreasing, should not these countries START taking care of their own FIRST? **What are your thoughts on these issues?**


If Europe should deport all non-whites as the fellow answerer listed, should not all whites get out of non-white countries? Should non-whites in countries where whites have polluted the land demand reparations...**Let's think before we say such stupidity**

Update 2:

**Barack Obama is going to make it MUCH MUCH WORSE! States like CA, Texas, AZ are being overrun with Mexican gang bangers. It is going to get worse. It is time that America once again declares war on Gangs, they are TERRORISTS! When are govt. leaders going to handle them as such. We are heading for serious trouble with the Dems in power. I am also disappointed that Repubs were too busy counting $$ instead of protecting our borders.

Update 3:

The problem with giving green cards and citizenship to foreign workers is they bring their entire families along which causes an increase in healthcare costs to this country. By the way we do not need foreign skilled workers. It is time for the U.S. to overhaul it's education system. Starting with making it madatory English is spoken in schools and the workplace. As part of immigration status future immigrants SHOULD BE MADE TO PASS AN ENGLISH TEST.

Update 4:

***By the way I DO KNOW CALIFORNIA. As a matter of fact, YOU HAVE MORE VIETNAMESE AND SPANISH SPEAKERS IN CA THAN ENGLISH. Yes, Mexico used to be part of CA but THEY LOST the war. However, if Californians love Mexicans that much why not annex CA to Mexico? The problem with Silicon Valley is they are looking for CHEAP SKILLED LABOR, that is the difference. That is one of the reasons why they have so many companies in India. If these corporations really loved America (as Bill Gates claimed) then they should be using their resources to TRAIN AMERICANS NOT IMPORT CHEAP INDIAN LABOR.

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    I do believe that USA and Europe should have stricter immigration policies. Even if it is politically incorrect. People who have this opinion are bullied for it because its not fashionable right now. However, with time, it will become obvious that immigration on this scale is not good for the US or for Europe. The fact is that a high proportion of the immigrants are not educated and that many of them don't respect the culture of the countries they come into. This is not good for the host country. In some extreme cases, they want to destroy the host country. This is obviously a ludicrous thing to tolerate, however, even when there are people who want to destroy the host country, it is still considered politically incorrect to oppose immigration. I believe the tide will turn. This cannot go on forever. Unfortunately, when the tide does turn, it will be too late for the host countries. They will have dug their own grave, and there will be no one to help them then, even after they tried to be accommodating to other peoples.

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    If I may say something, as a lifelong CA resident: This was Mexico before it was America. We have two major Mexican gangs, one comprised of some recent immigrants, mostly from Southern Mexico, and another gang of Mexicans who are originally from Northern Mexico and have been here for several generations. We also have Asian gangs (which are far deadlier and more insidious than Mexican gangs), black gangs, and white biker gangs.

    The Mexican gangs are generally only a problem amongst themselves. There's always retribution going back and forth, and it rarely affects people outside of the gangs. It's not terrorism unless you are using a very loose definition of the term.

    It's really ignorant to equate illegal immigration to gang bangers. Most of the Mexican gang members were indoctrinated into it as children living in America. And the vast majority of illegal immigrants are just here to get a job, and send money back to their family.

    Stopping immigration will not solve any problems. I live in Silicon Valley, and high tech companies cannot find the kind of talent they need among American workers. They often bring over foreign workers with H1B visas. If they were no longer allowed to do that, American workers would not take over those jobs. The businesses would move to other countries (India, for example) and America would lose all of their jobs.


    If you think we should overhaul our education system, then overhaul it. Closing the borders will not solve the problem of a lack of skilled workers. Closing the borders will make more and more companies move overseas. Sure, they *should* stay here and hire American workers. I'm not arguing that. I'm arguing that if you close the borders, businesses will move and our economy will suffer. Manufacturing has already moved to China. If tech companies move overseas too, what will we be left with? Walmart and Best Buy? Surely you can see how a retail-only economy will collapse.

    As a matter of fact, I have lived in CA my whole life and the vast majority of people here speak English. I'm sure you had fun at Disneyland but there is more to the state than that.

    Source(s): Don't talk about CA unless you know what you are talking about.
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    Legal immigrants should not be kicked out. However, Europe and America should restrict immigration, the best way is to introduce quotas, giving priority to those with family members in the host country and secondly to highly skilled workers.

    How Europe and America only take care of their own has shown in Rwanda where international forces had the ability to save many Tutsis from the genocide yet they didn't because they got silly orders from above not to interfere in the conflict.

    Asia on the other hand must open up. Foreign labourers are treted worse than animals there and illegal immigrants face severe punishments, including long jail terms and caning.

    It's impossible to stop illegal immigration altogether, but yes, illegal immigrants should be deported to their countries of origin.

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    I could care less about Europe and Asia but I agree 100% that the U.S. should take agressive action in stop illegal immigrants AND putting a 5 year moritorium on legal immigration or at least until this financial crisis is dealt with.

    Unfortunately I only see Barack Obama making it worst with his amnesty proposal.

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    PC has invaded immigration policy in the USA. America was not intended for those of socialistic/communal mentality. The immigration policy of modern day America s NOT what was originally intended!

    Source(s): History.
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    I agree but the out of control immigration circus will not end until Liberals achieve their goal and that is complete racial, cultural political, and religious demographic change of the West. "Multiculturalism (Cultural Marxism) has destroyed Western Civilization forever.

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    I believe Europe should deport all non-whites at once.

    Whites don't belong in non-white countries either. There's no double standard in my thinking.

    LizardKing70 is a submissive moderate, he just loves bending over for the Jewish supremacists running his nation.

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