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What types of blood tests does one usually take if they have leukemia? ?

I know there is the blood count test and the blood cultures test.

Are there more tests? and can anyone explain me what these tests actually "test"?

And are they like drug tests or do they just test how much of what you have in yr white blood tests, hemoglobin, platelets....

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    Sorry to all.....

  • 1)Total white blood count,2).Differential white blood count and 3)Bone marrow biopsy.Leukemia is a malignant condition of the blood in which white cells are enormously increased. Leukemias are classified based on the type of WBC that grossly increase in number like lymphocytic,eosinophilic ,basophilic etc. Immature blood cells found in peripheral blood are proportional to the severity . Bone marrow study is diagnostic.

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