Government Bail out Foreign Banks but not US citizens and automotive industry one of our strongest exports? ?

am against the funding of these bail outs without standards for repayment. It has been done in the past successfully. The problem with the bail out of the financial institutions set a new precedence and a bad example. In fact I do not know how it was done so blatently incompitent without structual oversight guidlines. Our government gave out trillions to foreign banks who are now freezing the markets. It was also done to benefit International Banking and Financial Institutions with no guidlines for tracking the investment. It was a bailout of a record at least 750 Billion and some estimates put it at over 2 trillion. Where is the money? It went to INTERNATIONAL BANKING at the cost of the American People and there is no show of it helping the markets or being distrubuted as promised. Instead we are watching the dollar, American industries and our economy fall to iniallation. If it had distributed to money, the credit markets would open and some of this money needed by the Automotive Industry would be coming in purchases from the consumer. We would also see an improvement and confidence in the stock market. The credit markets are not opened and the money is not being distributed but rather hoarded by the Financial institutes. The bail out ended up being a bad move.

Now we have an American based Industry that the middle class of America depends on. They are in trouble. They are asking for way less money and with oversight and provisions to repay. If the bail out fails we will see a crisis in not only the automotive industry, but in the stock market, unemployment and so many other problems that it may destroy our countries economy way beyond imaginable. It could crush the dollar to ash.

So I ask..... Why is it we as American tax payers and citizens can be put on the hook for trillions of dollars to International Intitutions but not help our own middle class and one of our strongest industries survive?

Should we have opted for the latter and spent the trillions at home instead of the International Financial Interests?

Should we write, call and tell our representatives to freeze any of the first bailout money that is left, if any, until oversight of the funds are agreed to?


Hey Dad

I think I know.. look at some of my answers to questions on this site. Since you sound aware of the status, I am going to do thae same with your profile. Thanks and may God Bless us all.

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    This is true! But it goes even deeper! THink of all the billions we give to other countries, in the name of Terrorist, Health and Food. Not to mention money to help sway these bankrupt countries to go a Democratic Society.

    So when you add the International Banking to the mix?Now you have a complete circle, and since the Federal Reserve Prints our soon to be worthless dollar?

    Which by the way they are no part of the United States Federal Government! Since the Dollars was taken off the Gold stander ed, they been printing as much money as they want with out accountability!

    So now the Federal Reserve is ready to to do the only thing they can do and that is. They know that the dollar is becoming worthless The United states can't even afford to pay the Interest on the money we barrow.

    So The Federal Reserve has no choice but to in-act a new currency hence "The Amero"! By doing this it will wipe out not only the dept America owes, but it will also wipe out the most of the people who live and die for Amercia!

    What I mean by wipeout is that The federal Reserve will only give pennys on the dollar fior what we do have. You asked where all the money went when the Dow feel.

    Well I can tell you that the spicieal interest groups, CEO's, big corporations and yes even polititions! Not just from America but from the countries from around the world!

    They all sold out and moved the money to countries, and converting the US dollar to the currency of the countrie they moved their money to that won't suffer, when the dollar tanks to zero!

    Then to make things worse our politisions gave 700 billion to the banks, that proubably took this money to their offshore accounts.

    Then when the new currency is implimented this will be the final fleecing of America and it's citisens!

    Now the North American Treaty will be inforced and a new begging will take effect with the three majore countries that will give them all a fresh start!

    Like bankruptscy!

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  • dad
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    1 decade ago

    Yeah well the bail out money the banks got here 60 billion of it they took and bought a bank in china . What do you think about that ? Do we need to over through our government ? You can write all that you want to write it isn't going to do a bit of good . There doing nothing but steeling everything we have . Most people are blind and cant see whats really going on here . Get ready to live in a grass hut . All that you worked for is lost . Bush is handing it out like its candy on halloween night. Bad thing its going to everyone besides us

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  • 1 decade ago

    Bailing out the Wall Street and Detroit Industry is definitely a socialist measures. Many US Congressmen have admitted it with no reservations. One of capitalism hallmarks is this: let the market force to decide who is to stay or perish. Congress is not the Market’s Invisible Hand.

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  • 3 years ago

    I observed a three.5 hr documentary this weekend on google video noted as "the money Masters". that is an previous documentary, yet I want all human beings could desire to be sure it. because of the fact in the event that they did they're going to hurricane the Federal Reserve and fortress Knox. The documentary grew to become into nicely researched and covers the historic previous of ways bankers sought to administration a usa's money and financial equipment for earnings. It grew to become into greater good for them to get administration in united statesa. because of the fact the final suited to administration money and gold has been a conflict between the yank human beings and the bankers because of the fact the founding of this usa. even though it grew to become into completely carried out while Wodrow Wilson grew to become into in workplace and the Fed Reserve Act grew to become into exceeded. The bankers are scammers...the worst interior the international (even worse than invading armies - as some well known human beings placed it). the large melancholy grew to become right into a results of the banks calling in loans - which pressured traders to sell inventory and supplies at an alarming fee to pay off the debt - inflicting the inventory marketplace to crash (of direction the rich grew to become into immuned from the crash because of the fact they have been given out of the marketplace in the past). The Fed then squeezed the money grant inflicting unemployment and hindered financial growth for a decade. in this time the rich offered up supplies for a miles less high priced value. This **** is happening back as a fashion to pass the wealth. The Fed's forex equipment is a scam. Fedup i desire to propose you watch the video!

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    1 decade ago

    You are right , the worker is just crap anymore.republicans are beating their chest , at this work of art. this people dont want govt. not even health care on its own citizens.

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