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Protestants: if god inspired the bible's collation at Nicaea, why did he inspire them to include apocraphy?

The bible was collated a Nicaea when men from around the meditarranean gathered at meetings and voted on what's god's word and what wasn't. Some books like Revelation barely made it in while some others barely missed out. The final product was god's perfect word because the holy spirit guided just enough of them to vote correctly to have a proper bible. But why didn't the holy spirit tell them at the time that they had included apocraphy/false teachings in the old testament? It took over a thousand years before the holy spirit inspired western european protestants to remove the 'fake' chapters from the old testament (like Maccabees, which is in the eastern orthodox bible but not in the protestant bible).

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    i personally believe what joseph smith taught about the Apochrypha. that most of it is true and that it does not to be be re-translated.

    the apochrypha should be cannonized but ...

    if you meant why did not GOD inspire the apocryhpa to be included in the bible,

    it is my belief that the council of nicea wanted to keep some things separate from the cannon because of sacredness. however many people teach that the apocrypha is not sacred too. and sadly it is the prevailing propaganda

    God does not change His mind. he has a mind that has conclusions for any situation. if a man repents of his sins God forgives him. if he does not his mind is made up to cast him out of his kingdom.

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    The Catholic Church non orthodox or roman because it didn't have a name. collect the new testament by the holy spirit.. some books of the hebrew bible from the greek translation because the apostles quoted those verses and they represent a sign of the christian faith.. the jewish canon was elected before the christian canon but the new called christianity made a new canon through the Holy Spirit and the canon of the new testament.. some gospels were eliminated because they didn't follow the oral tradition from apostles and their teachings.. the catholic and orthodox churches share in common the same canon but they added a letter of any father as canon part of the new testament in order to understand the first church..orthodox as well are catholics.

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    You always run into problems when you confuse the Catholic Church with true Christianity. The Bible did not need a council to decide what was already in effect. The people recognized the true books and were using them long before the Catholics even came into existence. Early in the 2nd century there were writings that accepted the same 27 books that Protestants accept today.

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    There was general agreement about what should be considered inspired long before the council of Nicea; that council just made it officially a belief of the Roman Catholic Church, and God was not involved in that.

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    Well their God changes his mind a lot. Maybe that explains it.

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    Is there a question in that rant?

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