What are some similarities between Latin America and North America?

Specifically Economic, Social and Environmental wise?

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    You might want to change the question to Latin America vs. Anglo America? Maybe.

    North America is a geographical term, Latin America is a cultural term, just like Latin Europe. That's why Part of Latin America IS IN North America. (That would be Mexico).

    -Both have a strong European heritage and many traditions that came from Europe and her people...

    -Many Latin American countries are as economically stable as the countries of North America (Canada, U.S., Mexico)

    -They are all considered 'Western' cultures.

    -Racially, many Latin American countries have a large percentage of 'White' population, like the countries of North America. And some Latin countries have a higher 'White' pop. than the U.S. does, which is a fact.

    -Both regions are heavily Christian.

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