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Will the Phillies try and fix their starting rotation?

or will 46 year old Jamie Moyer still be there second best?


You mean the Brett Myers with a 4.38 career era? And the Joe Blanton who went 9-12 with a 4.24 era? Yeah if those were my pitchers, I'd be pretty stoked.

Update 2:

Tom -----

you are the man and LETS GO METS!!!

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    Don't give yourself false hope. Derek Lowe's not ending up a Phillie. The Yankees offered him 4 year/68 million. The Phillies won't match that. In fact, Ruben Amaro Jr. has said he has never even made an offer. The Phillies payroll was at 103 million last season. Utley, Lidge, Myers and a bunch of other players got pay hikes in their contract next season. After Howard, Hamels, Blanton, Victorino, Werth, Madson and Durbin go through arbitration, the payroll's expected to be over 115 million. The Phillies are not known for spending. They're a middle market team. They have a lot of money sucked up in Jenkins and Eaton. Eaton's due 8 million next season and Jenkins 6.75 million.It was a stupid decision to not offer Moyer arbitration. In the event he chose not to sign with the Phillies, they'd receive two draft picks back in next June's draft since he's Type A. He was paid 8.5 million after incentives last season. If he accepted (which he wouldn't have anyway), he would have been on a 1 year/10 million type deal. Moyer played his hand right. He's got more negotiating power now. He's made them concede go giving him 2 years. They offered 14 million, he wants 18 million. They'll probably settle at 16 million. Moyer is not a 2 starter. He's 46 years old. Every saw him get rocked hard by the Brewers and Dodgers in the postseason. He's vulnerable.Myers? Part of the problem with him is his head which he can lose in a second. Expecting him to pitch anywhere near the same level he did in the second half may be unrealistic. But it's probable that Myers and Moyer will be in their rotation regardless of who we consider the 2 or 3. Blanton's a mediocre pitcher. He'll eat innings. But he's going up in salary. He'll be the 4 pitcher. And the 5 pitcher will probably be J.A. Happ or Kyle Kendrick. The one who doesn't win the 5 spot may be the long reliever. Chan Ho Park may make his way into that mix though. Park's a better reliever than he is a starter at this point of his career. The Phillies got a pretty deep bullpen so they won't need him there. But he's not who you want as a starter.

    The NL is very balanced. All of the three previous teams who were in the world series didn't make it to the postseason the next season. It doesn't take a brain to realize this though. Just look at it from a simple philosophical view:

    Mets bullpen last season: Blew 29 Saves last season

    Phillies were like 88-0 when leading after the 9th inning season/postseason combined last season

    The Mets now have K-Rod and Putz and got rid of Heilman. The only way they're working is up. The Phillies bullpen was amazing. But can it really get any better? This doesn't even take into account Lidge's past arm problems. One way or another, some regression is going to occur. A Mets team with 29 blown saves only ended up 3 games behind a team with a perfect bullpen in the 9th. So it shows you how vulnerable the rest of the Phillies team is. The Mets were ranked 3rd in offense in the NL last season and had some of the best starting pitching too and they've subtracted Pedro.

    So the Mets only can work up and the Phillies only down. It's hard to defend your title when you're cheap. A series of bad things have happened to the Phillies since winning the World Series. Utley's probably out until June with hip surgery that they were dumb enough to wait 4 weeks until after the World Series to do. Gillick's retired. They lose Burrell and may lose Moyer. They're getting hit with high arbitration suits. I don't think Phillies fans will be in love with Ruben Amaro Jr. when it's all said and done. Cole Hamels really should have kept his mouth shut. He called the Mets choke artirsts? What horrible timing. Why piss on the fire? Now you're just motivating the Mets. Can you imagine how Rollins will be received when it all hits the fan after those remarks about Phillies fans?

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    Brett Myers is a good pitcher he had a bad first half

    The second Half he had a Sub 2 ERA so he is there second best

    Moyer is proablly 3rd right now

    Blanton is pretty good

    They Might Get Derek Lowe the Phillies and the Yankees are top contenders for him

    It is also rumored that they are close to signing Chan Ho Park for 1 year 2 million

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    Sorry yet Werth won't get something close to to a Matt Holliday settlement, i'm shocked Holliday have been provided that plenty money. If I have been the Phillies GM i might seem for bullpen palms, adult males like Scott Downs or Kerry wood are appropriate for them. 2d i might seem for a Kuroda, or Vazquez form pitcher to pass with the solid rotation, and enable another group get Moyer because of the fact Moyer sucks. Werth is maximum possibly going to pass away so as that they ought to provide Dominic Brown his threat

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    They are still negotiating with moyer but i think his heart is just about left playin another year, they probably will get lowe because he wants to go somewhere where he has a chance of winning so who better then the phillies, park won't do anything just another adam eaton

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    it's hard to think of a defending world champion having to fix anything, but they definitely could use a rotation makeover. GO METS!!!

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    moyer should retire and they should have the big two myers and hammels be their top two

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