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What do you say to people who believe the Holocaust NEVER happened?

At work, someone said this today. I couldn't believe it.

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    Holocaust deniers are usually antisemites who lap up Arab propaganda.

    The chief Holocaust deniers nowadays are Arabs and other Muslims. By denying the Holocaust, the Muslim world turns the Nazis into victims and so provides a space for them to express themselves after a 60-year silence.

    even if the Left doesn't buy into Holocaust denial, it can still agree with Iran's conclusion that Israel has no right to exist. As Mottaki explained, "If during this [Holocaust denial conference in Iran, 2006] it is proved that the Holocaust was a historical reality, then what is the reason for the Muslim people of the region and the Palestinians having to pay the cost of the Nazis' crimes?"

    From Iran's perspective, Israel is illegitimate whether the Holocaust happened or not. In making this point, Iran closed the gap between Iran and a loud chorus of voices in both Europe and the US who claim that Israel was established only because of European guilt over the Holocaust and consequently the Jewish state has no inherent legitimacy.

    Inevitably, those who hold this view come to believe that Israel has no right to defend itself. After all, if Israel is but an illegal European colony on stolen Arab lands, then any act of self-defense that Israel takes is by definition an act of aggression. So from this perspective, all Israel can do is give away land and accept that it must pay for all the pathologies of the Arab world.

    How do we counter such hatred?

    With the truth.

    Evidevce that the Holocaust did happen and that SIX MILLION Jews were systematically murdered in death camps designed specifically for this pupose exists. Such evidence was collected and stored by the Nazis themselves.

    And let us not forget that the existence of Israel was documented too: In the Bible. In the book of Genesis, G-d promises Israel to the Jewish people.

    The right of the Jewish people to live peacefully in their homeland, Israel, has nothing to do with the Holocaust.

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    I'd be very careful around them. Someone like that is either totally insane, or totally bigoted - and it won't just be at Jews.

    The only way someone changes is with enough information presented at them. Usually shock value does the best.

    Sites like these might have ideas:

    Also Professor Deborah E. Lipstadt went through a whole trial with David Irving who is a rabid denier & won. Any googling on her, especially for a site by her, might do good.

    There's a ton of Holocaust info out there. I'm pointing to denial resources & to anti-semitism sites (that will talk about denial) because this is a special problem where overwhelming info isn't enough.

    BTW, as Kismet said, there is a whole Holocaust denial movement in the Arab world that's political & part of annihilating Israel. Never mind that it was formed through UN resolution the same way Jordan, Pakistan & Syria were & Jews have been a minority in the Middle East longer than Arabs & deserve self-rule too. If the person is Arab or Muslim, their info is different & they need a different approach.

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    First of all, I would be totally shocked. How can anyone deny the photographs and videos of the soldiers freeing the Jews at the end of World War ll? Not to mention the personal accounts of the survivors. Sadly, I have visited the remains of a concentration camp in Germany. I will never forget it.

    I would tell such a person they are a damned fool. If they don't believe the Holocaust ever happened, nothing you could say would change their mind.

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    The only time I ever met somebody like that, I told him politely that I thought he was mistaken about it.

    The reason for my mild reaction is that I was convinced he was delusional. He was a mild man, not one to draw attention to himself or argue about things. Yet the first thing he said to me was, "What do you think about Hitler? He was a genius, wasn't he?" I'd met plenty of delusional psychotics before. This man didn't need to be locked up, he could work and function fairly well, but he was nuts. Don't worry about him joining any Nazi group; truly paranoid people are not joiners. I just said mildly that Hitler didn't seem like a genius to me. In my experience, the best way to deal with a delusional person is to be honest but non-confrontational.

    The person you know may or may not be delusional, I don't know. But I'd use basically the same approach: tell him politely that you think he is wrong. You are on the job with him, you both have work to do, so let it go at that.

    Then if he's not polite, at least it won't be your fault.

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    Ignore them. They are obviously living in a bunker somewhere. Never debate a serious subject with a total fool. It is a waste of your valuable time. There was a girl at work last year who still believed that no one had been to the moon. Her teacher in high school had taught the class all the "conspiracy theory" stuff about this. It really makes you wonder about some people. I wonder if that teacher is still there...

  • Anonymous
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    The humorous answer is that I would punch them in the face and even if other people saw it and his nose is bloody I'd say "nope, still can't prove I did it!"

    Seriously, I'd probably just say, "you go ahead and not believe it." and leave it at that. If they tried to argue it I'd just tell them that if they don't believe the dozens of people who described it, the pictures of the camps or the bones and other physical evidence found then they'll never believe it. Oh well.

  • angel
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    I would tell them Poppycock. What kind of a fool would say such a stupid thing? Go back and check your history books. Talk to those who fought in WW11. My father was a Canadian sailor and he obtained some pretty gruesome pictures of holocaust victims. There are some fools out there who want to rewrite history. That is what I would tell this idiot.

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    Um.. Yes it did? Show them some pictures online? Explain the entire history of it? Take them to one of the many graveyards in Europe filled with bodyless gravesites for holocaust victims?

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    What do you say to these people? Nothing. There is nothing you can say to change what they believe. This is one of the most well researched and documented event. Even German government admits its former version has committed these crime against humanity.

    If someone wants to ignore all the documented and researched evidence and still believe in what they believe, that's their problem. It will certainly be a wasted energy to trying to convince them otherwise.

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    OMG, If you dont believe the holocaust, just look in washington DC, there is a museum about the whole thing. Look at anne franks diary, look it up

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