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How to avoid/remove swirl marks?

hi guys, I own a 2009 Sport Blue Ford Fusion, I know its not a bmw or ferrari but its gets me by for the time being, point is, i am anal about my car care and will not take it through for touch less, or soft cloth car washes as to avoid swirl marks, up to this point december 11/08 i have managed to wash the car my self in my drive way except for two weeks ago when i used a brand new, wash your self centers, and after this i did not notice an swirl marks, they put here brushes in buckets till your required to use them, but today i went to a different center that has been around for a longer time, and does not use buckets for there brushes but is Just stored in the clips and i thought this would be just as good as there is a low pressure soap that comes through, so i assumed it would be self cleaning, but as i was walking to my car later tonight, a street light was directly behind me and i noticed some swirls marks in the black door pillars which i had not noticed before today, and it is about -2 and there is a light frost on the car, but they defiantly look like swirls marks to me, how can i remove them, the car is only about 6 or 7 months old as i got it in july and it is now december, so would i be best to call a body shop to have them buff it out with a compound? and how can i avoid this in the future from these self wash centers, as i can not help but use them in the winter? should i use my own personal wash mit i use to wash the car in the spring, summer and fall? also i didnt notice them in the paint which is blue, could it just be the lighting and frost or have i done what i have been trying to avoid the whole time? thanks in advance

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    * Shallow swirls can be removed using light swirl removers such as ScratchX or #9 Swirl Remover 2.0 Both of these products will safely remove light swirls and scratches from your finish without using harsh chemicals or sharp abrasives.

    * Light to moderate swirls can be removed using the Meguiar’s Dual-Action polisher, the appropriate Meguiar’s foam buffing pad and the correct paint cleaner or cleaner/polish.

    * Moderate to deep swirls will require a thorough machine cleaning using a rotary buffer, the appropriate Meguiar’s foam buffing pad and the correct paint cleaner and/or cleaner polish.

    Machine cleaning and polishing paint with a rotary buffer needs to be performed by a skilled and experienced professional. Removing swirls by machine must be followed by an application of a polish and then a protective wax. If you are unsure as to whether or not the swirl in your finish can be safely removed, take your car to a professional painter or detailer and ask them for their opinion.

    Some swirl marks are too deep to safely remove and attempting to do so may result in buffing through the top layer of paint.

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