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How do paramedics attend to car crashes?

It is for a school project. My class all had do a project on a future career. As you can tell I choose paramedic. I was wondering if any one can help by explaining what paramedics do when the are called to a car crash where trauma is present.

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    Safety first! When you're coming up to a car crash in your ambulance, you always make sure to park in a safe spot, and see if there's anything that might hurt you or your partner (traffic, explosions, crazy guys with weapons, etc.).

    Triage! How many patients do you have and who's hurt the worst? Then ask yourself, "Do I have all the help I need?" (fire department, law enforcement, more ambulances, what about a helicopter?)

    "First of all do no harm." Your patient may have injuries that require them to be kept perfectly still. One of the first things we do in a car crash is to help hold a person's head still in case of a neck injury.

    Check the basics! See if your patient is awake and can answer questions appropriately (do you know where you are? do you know what day it is?). See if your patient is breathing ok. If not, gotta' fix it. Is your patient bleeding? If so, gotta' fix it.

    Make a decision! How stable is my patient? In other words: can they wait for us to take our time and provide certain comforts, or are they hurt so badly that we need to move more quickly and take care of more minor things later?

    Now the fire department will help you extricate (remove) your patient from the car. This may involve a lot of people and equipment such as full body splints or the jaws of life. If the patient is hurt badly, the paramedic may choose to treat some of the more serious injuries by splinting, applying dressings and bandages, giving the patient more oxygen, or starting an IV and giving special fluids or medications. He'll also be asking a lot of important questions about the patient's medical history.

    Out of the car and into the ambulance! More treatment may be given in the ambulance. There are many types of trauma and each requires a special treatment. Often, if the patient is hurt badly, the ambulance will head for the hospital right away and treatment is given enroute.

    We made it! Once at the hospital, the paramedic will give a report on the patient's condition to the receiving medical team of doctors, nurses, and technicians who will continue treatment and care.

    As you can see a paramedic needs to have a wide range of skills and a good amount of specialty training. There's more to it than just treating a patient. You must have an even temper and have good communication skills since you'll be working with a lot of people who are all different. You need to be able to think quickly and creatively since each scene has its own unique challenges. Mostly you need a good sense of humor and you need to love learning. We're doing new things all the time in EMS. It's a rewarding, exciting, and challenging career.

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    Survey for safety of self and accident scene. Assess injury, triage and cpr/abc's. coordinate with police officials, fire department, communications, knowledge of first and advanced first aid, radio communication, air traffic. medical equipment, able to lift heavy equipment/people , contain emotions on accident/injury scenes, child, adults/elderly, disabled and animals. gunshots/stabbings. fires.,etc. with a car crash, secure safety of injured, get equipment to site, call for backup, revive, sustain or assist with life support, transport to nearest non diverted facility. and wait for the next call, can be up all night, 24hr shifts continuously.... they work very hard. I'm sure some other paramedics are out there and can add much more than I can. I work surgery.

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