International travel with IMAC on DELTA ?

Greetings. I would be traveling in delta airlines from Richmond to Dubai ( united Arab emirates) via Atlanta. I am carrying my 20" Imac ( a 20" LCD - 20lbs , a little more than 45"total size ( l+b+h). I would like to know if I should check in this item ( I can have it packed safely) or carry it with me ( I guess it wouldn't fit in the overhead compartment)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would consider several options.

    One is if you have the original box, carry it in that. It's designed for shipping and has a handle.

    Two, contact the airline to find out if they will let you carry it on board. It is unlikely to fit in the overhead compartment. But you may be able to make arrangements to bring it on board and have it stowed elsewhere.

    Three, if you have to check it, see if you can buy extra insurance for it. Keep it packed in its original box if possible, then put that inside another box designed for shipping fragile and heavy objects.

    Four, if you have place in Dubai where you are staying, consider having it shipped with a well-insured international shipping company. Even though this may sound like taking a chance, it may be a better option than trying to take it with you on board the aircraft. But do check first with the airline.

  • it is best to carry it with you

    in your luggage bags it will brake

    they toss your bags around

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