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Diesel truck has gasoline in it by accident?

Ok well I was suppose to put diesel in my truck and then by accident I put gasoline. Is this ok?


They are mixed together! So deisel/gasoline

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    Depends how much gasoline is in there. if the ratio of diesel for gasoline is less than 150:1 you'd still run ok.

    Because over here we fill up trucks with a full tank of diesel and put a litre of gasoline to get a bit better performance. Technically it's wrong but we do it to keep up with the performance needed.

    If you have a very less amount of gasoline in there, try sucking up some of the diesel/gasoline mix and put more diesel. Dilutee the mix with diesel)

    Top up the tank as much as you can with diesel rather than running on the mix until it finishes.

    If you are have a large amount of gasoline in the tank you'll need to flush the whole system and refil with pure diesel.

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    No it's not okey. Go under the gas trunk and drain it right away. I know some military truck that use diesel or kerosene but not gasoline.

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    How much gas did you put in it? If very little (like a gallon or less) just fill with diesel. If more, drain/siphon the tank and refill with pure diesel

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    Not at all, Dont start it, Drain the fuel tank and get all of out of the line and flush them with diesel. Buy new filters and replace them also. Then maybe it might not blow up...

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    NO! there is no possible way you can run gas in your truck. Do not drive it and find somebody that can drain your gas tank as quick as possible. It will not be good if the gas gets into your engine. Your truck will not last long if you keep driving it before you drain it.

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    no you have to drain the gas out and put Diesel back in

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    Whatever you do, DO NOT start the engine and drain the tank asap. If you start the engine the fuel pump will suck the fuel into the engine causing damage.

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    It should rattle and shake before it dies out. You need to drain entire fuel system, tank and all lines filters.

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    you need to pull out and drain the gas tank and purge the entire fuel system. expensive and time consuming.

    sucks to be you

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    drain it or have it hauld dont drive it itll screw the engine over

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