What schools in California offer an Environmental Science or Engineering major?

I've been looking around, and while UCLA, UC Davis, and the Cal Poly's offer environmental science, UC Berkeley has environmental engineering. Are there any other schools that offer environmental engineering? And what exactly is the difference between env. science and engineering?

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    First, environmental science tends to be more broadly based, usually covering topics such as biology, climate, geology, etc. Environmental engineering tends to be more narrowly focused on using engineering of natural resources to improve the environment. Berkeley, UCLA, UC Irvine, and UC Riverside all offer Enviro Engineering majors. USC and Stanford do as well. Top programs outside of California include U of Michigan, Yale, U of Florida, Notre Dame, Tufts, Columbia, NC State, Lehigh, and UTexas-Austin.


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    It does not matter that they have a great art department. Few art grads ever get work in their field while most science grads do.

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