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If I have financial troubles at one bank, can I set up a new account at a different bank?

Ok...long story short, some ppl who i thought were ma friends stole ma checkbook n overdrafted on ma account. now im WAY in tha hole n tha bank closed out ma account. I want to start up a new account at a diff bank so i can save up money again n pay back tha other bank, ma question is: can i do that?

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    Once the bank charges off your account, the account abuse will show up immediately on chex systems and eventually on your credit report.

    It sounds like you need to dispute the fraudulent checks in the first place and contact the police.

    Also, Please don't simply run away. Some banks are willing to help, and might have some sort of 'fresh start' payment program for you. Just be willing to speak to a bank rep about it and tell the truth. And if this was truly fraud, then you can try to get your money back.

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    No you cannot. The banks share information and no other bank will allow you to open an account.

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